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sandipants (cumonn) wrote,
@ 2004-01-08 13:55:00
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    Current mood: chipper
    Current music:ring ring ring of the school bell

    hot caitlyn
    Well its been a while...alot has happened!! I reunited with an old friend..wont say who though. Oh the other day Josh S. and Chris C. came through the drive through at Mc Donalds... Chris's hair has grown out, its kinda like a really sexy shagg, but he's looking even better than ever, and Josh is lookin good also. I miss hanging out with those guys they were a lot of fun. Matt R. also came through the drive through i think we might be cool with each other now...maybe!! Over the break i made friends with a lot of walton i can finally hangout with peole and not have to drive to chactaw beach or all the way out to milton...i can just go to the WAL-MART PARKING LOT the walton hang!! sounds like tons of fun doesn't it!!! Well my christmas was good i got some purses, some sweaters, and few other things. Oh and i went to the orthodontisit and they told me i dont need braces, just a retainer for about 9 months..yay!! Oh for christmas i got this really cute purse...its a cigar box...but is not like the tacky ones that you may see floating around..ya know the ones with random junk glued to it like blue fringes and tassels!!! yuck!!!!! well theres the bell buh bye!!!!

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