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[[die young and save yourself]] (crystal_tears) wrote,
@ 2003-05-24 00:45:00
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    Current mood: depressed
    Current music:under the moon - ICP

    *sigh* .. ho-hum lifes boring...
    well here i am almost 1 in the morning listening to ICP and downloading old slipknot songs from what i used to listen to back than .. i feel in the mood to just go grab an axe, roam around in the darkness and go chop up the first person i see into little bits. People suck so much and they really piss me off. Oh look whos online - steven .. *sigh*... no comment..

    johns in vermont with alex.. wow, i hope hes having a dandy time .. i mean after all.. THE WEATHER IS SO BEAUTIFUL !! *major sarcasm* duh.. well im tired and weak and too fucked up to feel anything so i guess im gunna go to sleep soon before i get any dark ideas... woop... too late... ugh feeling so weak and dull .. and not that anyone cares anyway but i wrote a suicide note in my poetry book and the whole thing rhymed and it mentions all my close "friends" and my final goodbye thoughts to all of them.. or well.. to the people i 'pay' to be my friends anyway.. but ya know what its ok.. im gunna be alright, right...? *crickets chirp*... uh, rite...?.. *sigh*.. im a failure .. im tired of living life like this every single day....and yet... how did i ever fall to be this way ........

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