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Brooklyn (crystal_dreams) wrote,
@ 2003-12-31 10:30:00
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    Current mood: awake
    Current music:None

    The Sweetest Thing
    Well, guys...this will be my last entry before the New Years. In only a matter of hours it will be 2004...

    Not that I really care. Heh.

    Not much has really happened in the past few days besides family visits, and me getting sick, but I guess last night was good.

    I was sick with just your normal cold, but I just felt like crap. My breathing got heavy, my nose looked aweful, and I had a bad cough.

    Even after telling all of this to him, Trey still came over to take care of me.

    He, being the lovely boyfriend he is, brought me a whole crapload of chocolates, and some sort of chicken hotpocket thing for my dinner. He was always asking me if I needed something, or how he could help me feel better. It was the sweetest thing!

    We then went over to my grandmothers house to eat dinner, but I wasn't hungry. We only stayed a moment.

    Then we came back here, watched "S.W.A.T.", then Jon and Trey played video games until about 11:30.

    About that time my breathing got really heavy, and I felt dizzy. Trey had to be going, but before he went he picked me up, took me to my room, put the covers on me, and also brought my tissue box, and glasses to me.

    Now, knowing me, when he finally told me he had to go and started heading for the door I wanted to cry. So I tried to hold it back until he was gone, but by the time he got to my doorway I couldn't help it anymore.

    He turned around, and saw me crying, and came back in and comforted me.

    It's one of those precious moments you just wish you could freeze time for...that, or magically make you're parents disappear...

    Needless to say, after a moment of wiping my tears away, and kissing my forehead, he left.

    I do feel bad, though, because he is supposed to go to a New Years party and see a friend of his he hasn't seen in a while, and now he is most likely sick.

    Anyway, now it is almost 10:30, and I am waiting for him to get up and call me like he promised. Of course, waiting will mean waiting until 1:30-2:00 for him to get up...heh.

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