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..B/c blood in my mouth beats tears on tha ground* (cryin_inside_x3) wrote,
@ 2005-07-07 13:32:00
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    Current mood: sad
    Current music:Pimpin all ova tha world

    Soo its July 7th hhaa
    Havent updated in about a week been so busy haha. I think i updated last wed or thrus but thurs i dun remember wat i did haha soo Friday nothin special just went to work it went by really fast tho. Saturday i went to work again realli sloow ahh then i went home and made plans.Got ready for that and went to NICOLES!! So i get thea n Danielles thea 2 w/ Mike who i finally got to meet lol. So yea we just hungout by tha pool for a bit that was nice then we went for a walk and me n nicole had good talks. Then we went in n had an awesome idea 2 play dressup haha hilarious nighht im still shocked i can fit in 6 yr olds clothes ha! Then we put on a show i guess haha good times adn then i got home at like one haha def gunna hav 2 do another nite like that!! Sunday slept waay late woke up got ready and went to pick up Barbara o man i missed her so much!! We caught up on stuff, chilled, did tha usual stuff haha alls i remember is pourin sink on my porch cas tha sink was leik clogged haha n then our *GREAT*adventure tryin 2 get tha thing open that has tha coke in it lmao!! n were soo good we didnt get caught luckily haha!! Then she leftt around 10. Monday was tha 4th of july nothing special just went to kaylas for some bbq thing we ate and hung out went for a walk n then watched tha fireworks from nadines house lol. Tuesday i didnt do nethin cas of no rides n shit. Yesterday (wed) I went to tha movies w/ Nadine n Lynne aww i love themm. That was good seein them again. Today dano wats up..

    I promise i'll update sooner!!

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