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Crimson_Cuts (crimsoncuts) wrote,
@ 2004-04-02 09:05:00
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    Current mood: bitchy

    Research Paper
    I spent all my time last night on the computer typing my research paper. I never want to see the damn thing again. I finished it but I still had to e-mail it to the libririans and do my work citied page. :( I'm just so sick of it. Tonight I'm giong to the Bounty. I'm sortah excited but not. Becca is gonna confront Lacey about Calias which I feel she should do to the fact that Calias doesn't like Becca at all. But I guess Becca feels that she owns Calias. And besides Lacey and Calias are only friends. I think it's really al bullshit. I'm just sick of all the drama. I'm getting sick of Billy too. He "Dumped " Lacey for Anah who came back to him and then found out she was only cheating on him and said that he wanted to come up for Lacey's birthday. I feel like he's just playing her big time. I mean I do love Billy but It's like Lacey is a back-up girl and I can't tell Lacey this cause she is madly in love with Billy and is making all these plans to have him move back up here and have us three get an apartment which I will admit does sound fun but it will never happen. Anah will want Billy back and Billy will take Anah back cause he loves her. It's just kinda pathetic. And once again Lacey will come crying to me and I pick up the pieces. Grrr. I'm getting sick of that one BIG time.


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