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Bleed Black (crazygothchick) wrote,
@ 2004-03-03 21:21:00
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    Freakin'...A....uh...that was....stupid -_-;


    Well, today was interesting...i got to play with Kyle's hair. Whee, so fun! :P i think...i havent really decided on if it was or just amusing. anyways....i got to play with his hair! whee

    I worked on newspaper all fucking day. my head is banging cuz of the stress i think...or maybe just confusion. Hey, nothing big tho. Finally i get to work on layout for the newspaper! im so happy. its going up the once it comes it...its gonna be 20pgs! yay!!!

    on other gonna be ok with me. I really dont care if he screws me over, but i can do two times worse than him...but im not gonna do anything bad to him unless he does something stupid with me. I dont want Richelle to kno that i have been to his house or anything like that...hence, the reason on why i have never told her about this website...i mean James is an awesome guy. He's funny, cute, weird, and IN BAND! lmao i had to throw that in cuz band's a big thing for him. like today he came in the library while i was talking to mrs. harvey and he walks in and says "hey Alex! *hug*" ya kno i really freaked cuz he squeezes SO tight! then i told him i'm not ticklish...he starts poking me...i give him this like "do it again and i'll rip your little finger off" of course he stopped...after he got me to smile. but geez....i dont kno the feelings he has for me anymore. same with kyle...but i kno what hes gonna do...probably talk to me whenever wherever....that whole senerio(sp?? haha i cant spell either). well, im gonna have to deal with kyle tomorrow....gah! ya kno hes like in love with jayme hall...i hate her...well not HATE but extremely dislike her. shes too happy! dammit! well i better be off

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