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Bleed Black (crazygothchick) wrote,
@ 2004-03-01 15:46:00
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    Current mood: aggravated
    Current music:D.I. - Richard Hung Himself

    I dont get it....i have been hanging all over kyle...yes, Kyle S. and he doesnt care at all. I think that maybe hes just being himself. HE loves me! lmao....not. but anyways. like today, we were talking and we like messing with each others hands...and stuff like that. we talk, and we would also just have fun. i played with his hair and mess around with his hands. lol it was interesting...then during 6th hr i came up from behind him and wrapped my arms around him and put my head on top of his head and he didnt care at all! i was just amazed he didnt he tried biting me! heh, it was nice....but theres a the thing thats wrong with this whole mess...James Studna....yep, i cant believe this but i think he likes me. I dont see on why....but then again he doesnt like Richelle so yay for me i guess cuz he is kinda happy around which reminds me...i stood after school the other day (thrusday) and he took me home...while in his car he put his hand on my knee and i decided to grab his hand...i did and then he asked me if he was my sercurity blanket...i told him yeah sure...and i squeeze his hand. he then said "well, does this mean that i get to sleep with you?" my response "oh, sure James....i really wouldnt mind...but wouldnt Richelle?" "Hell, like i would care. Shes a bitch. I dont like her!" soooooooo interesting...then he met my dad and my sis...and lil bro but not mom cuz she was taking a shower anyways i asked my dad if i could go to his freaks but says ok and we just sorta played video games and nothing silly... but NOW james' car...doesnt work...theres a heating problem...and well...hes now riding the bus...and Richelle rides the bus!! crap! i dont want her to do anything with him now...since...well i kinda like him...heh, and then theres Kyle, and hes probably gonna stay after school with me tomorrow...i dont really kno but im so confused about these 2...count them 2 guys! lol i dont have to worry about any others cuz...well, they like me and all, but i dont really have any feelings for any of the other guys i hang out with.

    So,HELP ME! on who to choose please! or'd be nice tho.


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