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Bleed Black (crazygothchick) wrote,
@ 2003-12-19 07:22:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music:Fall Out Boy-The Pros and Cons of Breathing


    I'M SO BORED! AND I'M AT SCHOOL! Ah, so f*cking bored....*mumbles to self*

    Ya kno...yesterday...yeah...we had multiple blew major ass but i only took 3 tests...not four like the rest of you...muhahahaha...ahahahaha...ahah...*coughs* uh, here's what i did yesterday!
    Advanced Comp. App.-Test...what ya kno...a test...blah i probably flunked it...but it was in easy to me and amanda wound up getting on the internet just looking at all kinds of shit. It was awesome tho cuz i looked up Fall Out Boy fav. song off their CD is the The Pros and Cons of Breathing its a dandy song. ^_^ oh so are the lyrics:

    "The Pros and Cons of Breathing"
    Bury me standing under your window with the cinder block in hand

    Yeah cause no one will ever feel like this again

    And if I could move I'm sure it would only be to crawl back to you

    I must have dragged my guts a block...they were gone by the time we (talked)...

    I want to hate you half as much as I hate myself

    But you know that I could crush you with my voice

    Stood on my roof and tried to see you forgetting about me

    Hide the details I don't want to know a thing

    I hate the way you say my name like it's something secret

    My pen is the barrel of the gun. Remind me which side you should be on.

    I wish that I was as invisible as you make me feel.

    Newspaper-I did NOTHING...lemme repeat...n-o-t-h-i-n-g thats the class where we had no test...hehehe it was fun tho...
    American History-I think i just sorta studied and talked to then kyle walked in while we were talking about him...lmao...and i started cracking
    A&P-Test...and i really tried on this one...and i got better than Ame!! *dances* i got a 63% and Ame got a 62% ohhhh so, but i really tried...wooohoo!!! yayness
    Geometry-we also had a test in there....after everyone was done with the testing....they all played chess while i was drawing on my hand...tis pretty too....then after i was done drawing on my hand i fall asleep...and guess who comes over to annoy me??? Kyle...oh yeah and Patrick...but kyle HAD to wake me up by hitting my desk...thank you oh-so-much KYLE. when he did that i hit him a couple of times...then we sorta just sat there while Patrick was standing up...blah! it was sorta stupid...*beats kyle* i hope he rots in Hell. *sniffles* Beautiful! lol but they were being gay.
    Adv. Bio.-Studied for the stupid test! blah!!!! then kyle hit me on the head....i beat him up again...tis fun
    Then when i got home i studied...and that was about it...oh yeah and downloaded some songs of the internet...oh found out that Spencer has a girlfriend...shes cute i guess??? i dunno...i havent seen her...and i was talking to brent last it was cute...well i gotta go


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