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Vocoz (crazyfingers) wrote,
@ 2005-02-11 17:40:00
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    Current mood: Super
    Current music:Taproot, Mirror's Reflection

    "Whats a Dynasty?
    "The drinking age should stay at 21 because 18 year olds are gunna drink anyways."

    Due to some crazy jewish person, I was compelled to update this mofo-cker once again. I due feel bad that I havent been putting all my heart into my this and providing my fans (if any still exist) with some cool and unique insights to my drab but colorful life. =)

    Lets re-iterate. Im back in school....And i like it?!?! WTF, mate? Yea, I do. And I have my very own car. That is mine. And I get to call it my own. Because its mine. And it belongs to me. Because I own it. The car is mine. It is my car. It belongs to me. Only me. My car. Its mine. Me. Car. My. I. Am. Car. Insane... Myne.

    So its a 99 Elantra GLS....Grand Luxury Botches! Its sweet, and no Im not going to "PIMP" it out. Im poor now that i bought it, adn i bought it pimped. Spoiler, Alloy Dubs, Roof, its got some sweet Doors on it too, and engine. Yea, its pimped. Actually, the wheels are really nice, and so is the spoiler. I aslo (haha <--ASLO) also have a nice sound system, it may be factory, i dont know.

    Over a month. Its been over a month...without a cigarette! Okay, so Ive had like 3. But thats like 3 in 6 or 7 weeks, compared to 40 in 4 weeks.

    I feel healthy.

    I performed plastic surgery on myself. If no one has any idea what Im talking about, then I guess it may have been unecessary, but I saved about 50 dollars, and I can tell, so im pleased. Crazy. Kerazy.

    So I love my the extend where its very gay. But getting my car was the craziest ordeal ever! So I go in there, and Im like "hey! thats car is awesome! Im gunna buy it!" It was its like 3rd or 4th day on the lot, so i got it pretty quick, but thats still is no excuse for what happened. They say, "Okay, its yours on thrusday!" (I went in on a monday) Which is great, yippe, awesome. Im gunna have an awesome car real soon. On thursday they call me and tell me it wont be ready. Which, I coulda dealth with, if they were like fixing something that was wrong with the car or making it run better, or cleaning it up or some jazz...but no....I cant have the car because THE PREVIOUS OWNER STILL HAS THE TITLE TO THE CAR. WTF IS THAT?! Keep, in mind that I have already paid for this car. So, this dealership let me pay for a car, let me pay quite a bit of money for a car, that they themselves to do even own. So whoever traded this car in to the some money back, and a better car. The thier money, and sold a car. I...paid an ass load of money...for nothing. I dont own the car i just bought, and neither does the dealership that I jsut bought this car from. The previous owner could just waltz on in, and take the car, because its still thiers (theoretically and technically) and I paid to own it. GAY! FUCKING RETARDED! And any other politically incorrect statement or disgust you damn hippies can think of. Yea, I was pissed. I eventually got it nearly a week later, with no real compensation. Okay, so they let have a rental car....but I cant drive a rental car...Im not 25....POOOOOP!!!!!

    On that note...I wish I was a predator.

    Good night Ladies. Gentlemen...see you next time.

    "What you dont like about me is what you hate in yourself."

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