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Vocoz (crazyfingers) wrote,
@ 2004-12-15 01:09:00
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    Current mood:Horn-E
    Current music:Deftones, Mascara

    Double E Part 2
    "See, you do have a heart."

    So, a while back, I wrote about how a flurry of video games were coming out. That flurry has just hit. I am so confused now. Half-Life 2, Halo 2, KOTOR 2, and WoW. I am screwed! I will lose my job, and I will lose my friends, I know it. Life just got so much more stressful. Like now, instead of just wondering whether to sleep or go out, i have to figure in if i want to play any or all four of those games. ALSO, I have to make time to play one game a day, for at least a little bit of time! Its like a drug, I gotta play something. And I know your thinking "Calm down homie, you dont have to play the game." Well your wrong, because yes, yes I do have to play the game, or I will die. Yes I will, they showed me the knife they're gunna kill me with. =p

    So, its been a while. Yeah. Fun. =D

    I spent over $200 dollars X-mas shopping. So Ive now nearly gotten everyone I planned to get something for a gift. Theres just one last person, and thats gunna another whole day in itself!

    I havent played my geek-arific board game in SOOO long, its kinda saddening. I want to get back into it, and do to that all I gotta do is pick up a paint brush, but that seems so difficult, with all these awsome games to play!! AHHHHH! Oky, so Im a geek, but apparently to numerous sources I am a hott geek. Im not one to toot my own horn (ewwww, gross) but I heard it myself today while I was eating dinner. No, I didnt hear the exact words "Look at that hott geek over there." But, cmon, you get the context.

    Speaking of dinner. While I was waiting for the bill to come, some guy walked up to me and said quietly in my ear (as he was leaving with who I assume was his wife) "Enjoy it while it lasts." *NOTE: Now If he had left it at this, it would have been one thing, but when he continued to talk, it changed into something else. END NOTE* "In ten years it will all be gone. I've been with her twelve years and it left two years ago." Now my internal response was "WTF, mate?" I assume he was talking about the lady i was eating dinner with across the table, but I mean WTF? Is he so miserable with his relationship with his wife or g/f that he finds himself compelled to tell strangers in restaurants? Or for that matter couples in restaurants who look pleased? Is he so miserable that he must put a damper on a strangers evening by telling his hope to shut up because its gunna suck? I laughed. It was funny. This guy must hate his wife or something. I dont know how to explain it. I mean, what a downer. It sucks for him that hes so sad, and that he thinks everything will end for everyone so horribly. AND IM USUALLY THE NEGATIVE ONE! Hah. It was funny, needless to say, I had to say.

    Other than that weird, weird man and the crappy waitress (Yea I left a 4 dollar tip...and for those who know me, i am a HUGELY GENEROUS tipper...and the 4 dollar tip was out of pity and still shitty for the bill.) I had a good night. I got alot done.

    "Long shady eyes."

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