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Vocoz (crazyfingers) wrote,
@ 2004-11-15 19:29:00
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    Current mood:Growing Better
    Current music:The Killers, All These Things that I Have Done

    The Cold Hearted Boy I Used to Be
    "Your a pretty stand up guy...Ive always said that about you."
    (just tryin to show you how much I appreciate it buddy)

    Woah! Hey fans, sorry about last night. That really sucked, huh? Im sorry. Im fine though, im good. Thanks for B-Dad, and Pretty for helping me through the night. I ve realized, that to be above anger sad and depression you gotta let go. So I let go, and Im happy. I think of the good things in my life and go fine with them. And my life is good.

    You know why? My beautiful cousin is getting married this sunday. She is a great girl, and a great teacher, and now she's marrying a good man (I aprove Kimber! Not that it matters, but just so you know, I like Gavin, hes fun, and funny when hes drunk.) =p

    Im going up to Michigan, and though it willbe colder than balls...that are cold, it will be worth to see my other cousins, and other nice friendly faces. Its also exciting that I get more than a week off of work. Some time to relax and chillax. Good timing I may say. Just when life got a little too real for me, and work got way too bothersome for me, I get another break. Good stuff, chap.

    The one thing that sucks though, is that mutual friends are forced to choose sides, which is unfortunate for them. I dont ask them to choose sides, and I wish they wouldnt, I just wish ppl let things lay where they lay and go about thier lives around things. After all, if it doesnt concern you...then...why should it concern you? =D I mean thats why I like my friends. Dick doesnt care and wont hate ppl for what they do to me, unless its just not right, he doesnt get involved with problems, unless hes helping me out, but he wont hold it against ppl...Good boy Dick. Same with Mr. Munk and B-Dad and Landman, and Candy, and Pretty. Good job, pups! Sorry for calling you all dogs...that was kinda mean. Your great ppl.

    Oky doky.

    I hate having to use list ppl, because someone always gets left out. So Im sorry for that, but CMON, you know who you are. If youve never wronged me, then be happy. But, I also easily forgive, so you guys should be happy too.

    Oky doky.

    "I wanna stand up, I wanna let go. You know, you know, no you dont, you dont. I wanna shine on, in the hearts of man. I wanna leave it from the back of my broken hand. Another head ache, another heart ache. Im so much older that I can take. Well my affection, well it comes and goes. I need direction to perfection, oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no help me out."

    O how I do love that song...Especially that first part. I love the whole thing, but the first is gooder than the other godder parts. Its a good growing up song. And now that Ive grown up, ewww, i dont wanna be old. But hopefully im still cute.

    "When everyone's lost, the battle is won, with all these things that I have done."
    -The Killers

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