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Vocoz (crazyfingers) wrote,
@ 2004-11-05 03:23:00
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    Current mood: Angry
    Current music:QOTSA, The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret

    Done Fucking Around
    "Again, I did not write this one, so don't tell me."
    "No need to get mad."
    *Yes there is*

    Dont know how to begin this one.

    Tonight was going to be a good day/night. But it wasnt. I got angry. VERY angry. And I dont really know why. I do, but nothing makes any sense. My day was good, and I dont wanna be really cool and tel everyone why my day was good, because I hate for this cool man book to act as a gay diary. But my day was productive, and good stuff happened. Had an early start, and ate well...i was proud of myself. Then I went to work.

    Work was suppose to be good, but wasnt. I think as of recently, work has been that way, for a pretty reason. Lately I go to work expecting alot of awesome-ness to happen. But only crap-ness usually comes of it.

    I was so pissed off at work. But it was a funny pissed, I didnt let it ruin anything, and I found it quite funny. I found my anger very funny, but Munki (sorry, only good nickname I got) was worried, and God bless his lil heart, for worrying, but I dont have a justifiable reaon for being so pissed off.

    I was looking for something, but while I was looking a pair of twins wouldnt leave or shut up. They're not identical twins, or ever fraternal, but if you looked at them, youd say they both looked alike, one just bigger than the other...thats how it seems to me. One wouldn't shut up, and one wouldnt leave...this resulting in not being able to find what I REALLY REALLY wanted. And I will be one of the first to say that I am very selfish and possesive, so Im here, expecting and feeling like I deserve to find what Im looking for, but I didnt get it. So i was pissed. And just got progessively more pissed because what I was looking for got a phone call and left, and was slowly but surely moving farther away from me. FUCK!

    I got relieved a lil bit later when I made a phone call, but then after just got pissed again. I dont know what this means.

    Anger. I got in my car to go home and looked over to my passenger seat and got sad.

    Im good now, but still a little pissed off, and sad. But good overall. Im actually happy that I got mad and sad, in a weird way, because that does say something.

    I am old.

    But I had a very good getting older day.

    Good Fight and Good Night

    Health is now priority number one.

    "We've got something to reveal. No one can know how we feel. Whatever you do, don't tell anyone."
    -Queens of the Stone Age

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