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Rachel (crazychickldm) wrote,
@ 2003-06-02 17:43:00
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    Current mood: exhausted
    Current music:Tap root

    why do they tittle this as event. Well never mind i guess it makes sense because most people would write about an important event that happened to them. AHAHAha i wrote THEY whose they ? that crazy. OMG i forgot were in the matrix! I love the matrix!!! NONON wiat i love the movie not the fact that were in it. that means were all in one of those egg thingys. AHHH ugh i dunno if i like that ne more. I'm so tired today. #1 its a monday and # 2 I wanted to stya up last night and watch PRACTICAL MAGIC and sort through all my blank tapes. DUMB!!! SSSICK
    OOO gross ya wanna know whats reall y sssick i know this guy and this girl. I won't mention REAL names but lets say there names are Bill and um... Jennifer. well bill used to go out w/ one of my freinds eww ssick hes ugly and zits and ewwwww!! well anyway this girl jennifer who's ass is like half her body likes bill and bill liek her. so there now goin "out " they hung out all weekend and ya know what they did?..... NOTHING !!! AHAHAHA he only kissed her on the cheek the cheek !! mwahahaha he think hes soo kool but he's ssick !!! SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSiiick i can't believe that.
    Well school is almost out. As of friday i don't have to do shit. No more remebering things. i can do whatever i want!!!!!!! YAY i'm soo excited. No exams for me !!!!! I can do whatever the hell i want !!!!! YEA YEA ok well i gotta later!!!1

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