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Birky (crazybirky) wrote,
@ 2004-12-26 16:20:00
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    i can't believe that a week of winter vacation has passed by already! thats crazy!!! i want another week more than wat we get, 2 stinking weeks...psht. so heres what happened last week.
    Saturday- i worked from 7:45am-5pm and it was so busy! i thought i was gonna die! after that i babysat at First United Methodist church from 5:15-6:45, and then was our work was at Rosebuds in downtown Naperville. the food was amazing, our seating arrangement was not up to par however. we were all crammed in to a tiny tinsey little room. i ended up leaving at like 10pm and once i got home i literally passed out.
    Sunday- sang at church, praiseteam for the 10:45 service, i cam early to practice, but they practiced during sundayschool, kinda unusual. we did an odly arranged emmanual medley. and i sightread the WHOLE thing.
    i rock.
    Monday- stayed around home in the morning and afternoon, had to be at school at 4, madrigals sang at the Chicago Symphony was soo much fun! the ballroom we sang in was amazing!!
    Tuesday-voicelessons, and youthgroup after youthgroup we, james, my sister, myself and lauren mc all went back to the sheehans with kristin and kyle. we stayed there for a bit, left aroune 10:30, cause kristin had to go to work in the morning. we started to wat "home alone" but didn't finish it, so i took it home to finish. james came withme. we ended up talking for a bit, and then watching Opera! from 11-12, cause josh groban was on! his voice is amazing. james left a bit after the show, and then i watched the rest of "homealone" i don't even remember what time i went to bed.
    Wednesday- we went to chicago for madrigals! we took the 10:45 train up to union station, then took a trolly to marshallfields, and then we walked to Carsions. it was freezing! and we were in our dresses and tux's those shoes are not ment for weather below 60, and it was def way below that! we got there, ran through some stuff. we had no intruments, just a pitchpipe, sheet music, and our voices. we end up doing about 13 songs, repeating 3. we were set up kinda by some doors, and it was freezing cause our dresses are sleeveless, but we had a micraphone, and alot of people stopped by to listen. one lady gave the manager her card, because she books groups for events...yay! after singing we ate PIZZA! then changed and headed over to Millenum park, we iceskated there, and then practically ran to union station. we really wanted to make the 4:44 express train back, and we left at like 4:15...thats def a long distance. finally we got home at like 5:20, and at 6:30 we were over at kevins for our little party. we ate, and sang, and dances, and built gingerbread houses, and watched muppets christmas carrol. it was fun.
    Thursday- worked from 4-8ish, then went over to Mc's for our gals christmas secret santa. i had kristin and lauren shee had me! i got the CUTEST pink lacey shirt and a darling purse that will be great for summer! i'm soo excited! i got kristin a really awesome bathrobe with matching socks, i have the same one, diff color, and i adore mine! james called, and then i called him back, but he wasn't there, and then he called me back, but i couldn't find my phone (i was home then) so i finally called him back. but he had gone to bed, cause it was really late, almost 12. his message said something about the hospital and he had been there, but was ok...and i was confuzed...but i found out wat happended on....
    Friday- went to grandmas. nothing special, nice to see everyone. got to play with ASPEN. my 2nd cousin, who's adorable. called james. found out that he had been to the hospital cause he was really sick, and they diagnosed him with kidney stones!! poor thing! but hes got some really strong painkillers, so hopefully he doesn't hurt too bad. poor thing!
    Saturday- CHRISTMAS! yay! opened up presents with the fam. then kinda layed around, had dinner...which was kinda like inbetween lunch and like 1pm. then i went to jame's house. we exchanged gifts..omg he is the sweetest bestest guy ever! he knitted me a scarft!!!! and i love it! its soo soft and bright pink! hes so amazing! he also brought me 2 huge yankee candles! my favorite!!! hes so cute! he seemed to be feeling better, but still not up to par. i got him a solid sterling silver cross on a sterling silver chain, a pictureframe that had like notes and stuff on it..really cute! i hope he liked it. i think he did.
    Sunday(today)- so woke up at 7:30 to get up and get ready for church, took a shower got dressed, went over to the neighbors house to let out their dog. came back, went to starbucks got to church at like 8:55...and NO ONE was there...i was soo confuzed, there was a sign inside that said there was no sunday school i left and went home. i watched tv with my mom untill time for 2nd usually starts at 10:45...but apparently not today, cause i got there at 10:30 with my bro and sis, and the service was already started! apparently it started at 10! who does that!?! i was extremely mad, cause i missed both sundayschool and service...thanks for the memo church..grrr. so i came home with my bro and sis. and i started to clean my room...ahhh it was crazy! i'm done with all my laundry! i cleaned out my dresser, my closet, makeup cabinet, 2 drawers of jelewry and scrapbooking stuff, and under the bed! i organized my desk and ALL the shelves in my room. my room is offically clean. the only think left is my nightstand. i'll leave that task for another time.

    so i think tomarrow my family might go to see my great grandpa, in southern IL. only like a 5-6 hour monday is taken, tues voice and youthgroup, and possibly seeing the new Phantom of the Opera? wends i have to work from 8:30-4, and i need to def do some major homework crunching sometime next week! ahh! well adios!

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