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x0 kErry bAbi (crazii_f0r_y0u) wrote,
@ 2004-07-19 08:10:00
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    Current mood: cranky
    Current music:ryan cabrera- on the way down

    summer !!
    yoo sexyy !! hah- okay i took my other huberts test and i got a 9/10.. i went with elizabeth again. nothing is new- pretty much i just go to the pool every day but saturday night was cj's party and that was okay- so damn boring at first though so me and jamie just kept wandering around in warminster and we had no idea where we were going- but we got back to his house eventually lol. today i have to go to the doctors and then to the library and i have a huberts game tonight at 6:15 so i doubt i will do anything fun today.. hmm- tomorrow i have work and wednesday i think i have another huberts game- so yeah the next 3 days are going to suck!! ahh.. summer is like drifting away and i am so sad because i do not want to go to high school at all.. oh well- im going down the shore with elizabeth at the end of the month so that will be fun and then i have to go down with my family like right when i get back with her- so yeah grr- i dont like to be away from home for a long time cuz i feel like im missing out on like the gossip and whatnot. so yeah. i gotta go to the doctors soon. oh yeah this weeks the father judge soccer camp- alot of people are going but i hated it last year so uh huh screw that.. oh i'm leaving now- ahh i hate the doctor byeex0

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