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<3 this is easy as lovers go (crazeedreamer) wrote,
@ 2003-12-29 15:25:00
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    Current mood: confused
    Current music:these days - rascal flatts

    . . everythings bigger in texas . .
    ooo man .. where do i even start?!?

    this weekend was iNsAnE..and my cousins rock. i wuld never want any other cousins but them. im serious. im home now after spending the weekend at their house. just me. : ) it was so much fun. and i realized sometimes u just gotta go out and do stuff for yurself and not care what other people think.. which ive realized numerous times before but ya kno. its a new year. well okay so its almost a new year. and im gonna make it a good one. i just cant get over how fast feelings can change ...

    love you all

    [edit: feelings are the most confusing things in the world ... because when my heart and my head say 2 diffrent things but i dont kno whats saying what everything goes haywire and your brain just doesnt work right let me tell ya ... theres something holding me back and ive gone through everything with him , and i cant figure it out. its not the distance.. and its not that i dont like him .. i mean wow i cant even tell you what happens to me when the image of him outside at 1:30 in with his hood up goes through my mind.. its like the elevator feeling..its good and i love it. . i really like him...... what am i doing?! wats the big deal.. why dont i just go for it.. and take a risk for once ... why dont i? i just dont get it.]

    EDIT again: i did it. i just said yes. i took the risk. and im glad i did. he makes me so happy... he's amazing. just damn straight amazing.. i havent been this happy for a really long time.

    goodnight lovers.

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