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<3 this is easy as lovers go (crazeedreamer) wrote,
@ 2003-11-25 15:18:00
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    Current mood: blank
    Current music:jack johnson wasting time

    . . questionable . .
    im in the zone where im always with you and the sun always shines and theres never any rain but when theres rain its to run around in and laugh in. no one even cares or tells a lie. people move along without a tear in their eye. no one ever cares about what you wear or how you act where people like you for you and not who you pretend to be. the zone where you say who you are and thats who you will always be. where snow flakes drop faster then tears and people give you their word and keep it. musics always heard and people rarely frown. jealously does not exsist and love is a good think that never changes or hurts. you stay who you are and never turn around. regret is not an option and lying is imorrallywrong to everyone. if only i could find the zone instead of sitting here with tears down my face in a world where youre blamed for who you are and who you want to be. your dreams are shatteredand you never feel good enough people say things that cut to the bone. things done unintentional hurt more then they know. tears come more often then the sun and people constantly go against their word. dreams are always better then reality and being yurself is following your friends and the crowd. taking a stand is a scary thing for fear of rejection , lost hope , loss of friend and mean words... hate , hes/shes/yur a jerk , yur stupid , shoot , kill , shut up , you suck. are words heard left and right. they hurt more then people think and you cant take words back just hearing them
    makes you cringe and the words you hear from ear to ear make you wonder how childish somepeple can be. walking through the halls deciding where you fit in looking at the gobs of people who all have a diffrent face half of who you dont even kno and probalby never will.... people making you feel bad for actions you long did before .... because their other friends are better then you ....making others seem more important .... things digging at yur heart like theres no tomorrow but u just cant open yur mouth for fear of the words spattered behind yur back by those u dont even know but dont care what people think they say.. this is reality. not the zone..

    if only i culd find the zone.


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