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Hunni (crazedhunnibee) wrote,
@ 2003-12-17 09:47:00
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    Current mood: hyper
    Current music:Cosmic Dare ~PRETTY WITH A PISTOL~ by Reynada Hill

    Duck Soup!
    Well, my day started off pretty OK. I got an e-mail from Chan saying she had fun at the dance. I didn't end up going when I realized I'd hafta drive 5 hours for a 3 hour dance.

    She ended up asking this guy, Chris, out at the dance. He said, "Yes." She's had a crush on him for a few weeks now. I'm SO happy for her. Her first REAL boyfriend. Kev doesn't count, 'coz, you know, he lives in Kentucky, and he's an idiot.

    So, that's great. I also got another e-mail. From Gary Newman. It simply said: Do you really live in Digby? Which was, like, strange. So I answered with, "Who would lie about living in Digby?" Like, what? Is he stpid? "Oh, yes, I enjoy telling people I'm from little shit ass places- it's how I get my kicks. Look everyone! Now I'm from Ohio!"

    But, then, after the message was sent- Hotmail automatically took me to his profile. And, I realized I knew him. Not well or anything. But, he was in a grade above me at school, (when I was in school). He also works at the grocery store. I didn't recognise his name- but as soon as I saw his picture I realized who it was.

    He's one of those popular kids- but, the preppie kind. Always runs for school prez and shite. So why the Hell would he e-mail me? I kinda began to regret the sarcastic answer- now I'm gonna catch even more shit from the locals. *eye roll*

    I'm actually surprised he didn't realize who I am. I mean- I'm not popular here- but, in a way I am. Like, notorious. Everyone knows me. Nobody likes me, lmao. But, then again most people don't even realize I'm back from Toronto. Oh well. I'm super curious about how he'll reply. I could really fuck with him. We'll see.

    I had a rough day yesterday. I passed out on the couch. And, no wonder- it's much more comfortable than my bed. I also shouted random things all day everytime someone was within an earshot of me, (shoot 'er in the face!).

    I think my mum thinks I've really gone mad. I mean- She's crazy, too. And, I'm about as crazy as her. But, I'm only 16! Just imagine- by the time I'm her age, (40)- I'll be in an asylum.

    My mum tossed a bag of M&Ms at me- and it hit me in the hand, waking me up. So I shouted, "Fucking whore!" Which you know- got me a dirty look. From that moment on, I was grumpy. Complaining about this and that. All night- I was ranting, and raving, and just being really rude. Mum said what she always does when I get that way, "Oh, must be period-time!" It's annoying 'coz she's usually right. ><

    That's the way it is. I'm either acting like I belong in a nut house, or I'm grumpy, or I'm asleep. That's about it. Oh, or I get really depressed. I was watching a Whitney Houston movie, (The Bodyguard) yesterday- and I cried at the end. A Whitney Houston movie, for Christ sakes!! I've lost it.

    Oh, yeah- we got our Christmas tree today. So, yaysies- maybe I can annoy mum into giving me early prezzies, like usual!

    Well, I did have more to say- but I seem to have forgotten. So, I'll leave you with this:

    Oh my God! Cute, cute, cute, kitty cat cat cat! Mike Myers! Oh, cute, cat, cuddle!


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