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Hunni (crazedhunnibee) wrote,
@ 2003-12-17 09:55:00
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    Current mood: hungry
    Current music:Fast Car by Tracy Chapman

    Thanks, There, Uh...Poker Face
    Yesterday, Mumsies and I went shopping in New Minas. She bought me two Christmas presents. One's a Personal Cd Player thingamajig- I know 'coz I felt the headphones. Plus I asked for a new one since I smashed my last one.

    I don't know what the other thing is. She also bought me a hat. The same one that evil twat, Jaimie stole from me.
    So, my day was pretty good. I mean- I got a big pretzel- what could be better then a giant, fuckin' pretzel?

    Talked to Eddie last night. Apparently he has a new 'girlfriend,' 'Yoru.' I might have been a wee, slight, tiny, bit jealous. Maybe.

    And I also found out his friend Mike has a crush on me...Ugh, who doesn't? I'm, like, so sick of this. EVERYBODY loves me, 'cept the one person I want to! Just my luck. *Shrug* Meh.

    I mean, I've got more important things to do. Like, my edumacation, and harassing people, taking over the world, and maiming people.

    I woke up at, like, 7 this morning. Always with the 7 in the morning. CAN'T sleep in. But, it's cool. 'Coz for, like, the first time in weeks I have a lot of energy. Too much. I just wanna run around singing the Gnome Song:

    Come all ye Gnomes,
    Wiley and unjust.
    Sing the Song of Gnomes,
    And, of gnomie lust.

    LOL...I have SO lost it. I mean the other night- I dreamt- that I was getting married to the guy offa 'While You Were Out.' And I was wearing the Old Lady Wedding Dress. It was strange.

    Speaking of weddings- Mumsies is getting married in the spring. Which is cool with me- I like Joey. Like him more than my deadbe- uh, dad.

    Since, I'm Maid of Honour, I get a lot of kick ass duties. Like- I get to throw the Bachelorette Party. Which means male strippers, and lotsa booze. Totally awesome. Though, in our little town- male strippers are hard to come by. Think I'll just pay Cody to strip, LMAO. If you knew Cody- that'd be funny...But, you don't. Or do you?

    I also get to co-ordinate the music. Which is like, uber hardcore, 'coz music is just about the most important factor in my life. So, I get to pick the wedding singer, what SHE sings, AND I'm planning on singing something myself! Dunno what- I'm thinking, 'Our Song.' It's a good wedding song. So, this should be spiffy.

    Oh, yeah- and no churches. In fact, I convinced her to get a Justice of the Peace to do her wedding, instead of a preist. I'm scared to, like, burst into flames. >< One too many "Fuck Gods!" there.

    Well, I'm gonna go have breakie.


    PS- Last night Amsies was trapped in her room (door-knob broke off), and she had to piss- so she took a whiz in her bong. Thought you should know. Very crucial piece of info. there.

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