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Snugglefuck (crashingburning) wrote,
@ 2003-11-06 15:28:00
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    Current mood:breathing
    Current music:coheed and cambria

    everything you do is self-fucking-destructive
    Dressed myself up in numb
    Black and white today for lack
    Of something better to fit between
    Cold to dark and burning star
    Explosions over skin untruths

    Pushed your fingers between skin to find
    something more gentle and complete
    a pleasure undiscovered
    wrapped knuckles tight around my neck
    hear the sound pulse, swollen vibrations thickening
    through me. Fit yourself into the empty
    space they’d made inside, but only stayed
    a little while

    pulled away quiet, careful
    lacking what you sought but slick with your own
    promise. Cotent to let it go
    pressing tongue against the wound
    everything inside of me crawling
    towards self-destruction, skin wet with
    filling sky, cold and burnt to tears
    salt and thick

    kept my body strung
    tight so many metal rocks with prying teeth
    begging to slip into me
    unusually clumsy
    in the dark reminding pieces of bone to keep
    quiet under tongue Reminding me how warm
    it once was, deeper, sweeter, harder
    rolled the taste between palms
    to sweeten lips

    flung thoughts against the moon
    to twist it more red, passionthick
    danced fingertips to cheek, digging into colder skin
    dried up kisses, and remember letting go?
    Felt your palm against my cheek, held every piece of me
    in hands and pressed yourself against them
    to dig the pain deeper, gave a little bit

    wondered if you felt the numb or just
    forgot that it’s colder than you’ve become
    tried to change this one
    body quiet, mouth careful on
    the most tender part. Nerves tensed
    controlling every second to hold
    the darker drawings inside veins. Maybe the salt
    will melt all up someday instead of clinging
    rough against the warmest, brittle places deepestinside.

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