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Lora (crackapunkapina) wrote,
@ 2004-03-31 00:10:00
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    Current mood: bored

    So, today at the Osprey's Nest it was obvious that Ryan and Melissa are ignoring me... it's better than the alternative and having us fighting... cause there really is no point in continuing this fight... it's really quite dumb... but anyway, I wanted to change the channel on the TV and Ryan and Melissa were standing at the pool table which is right next to the TV and I said, "Is anyone watching this?" and no one answered so I just changed the channel. So, I was flipping through the channels and Ryan was just standing next to me facing the pool table and Melissa came over and was like, "Is it my turn?" and he said no... so I realized I was in his way and I said, "Do you need me to move?" and moved out of the way. He took his shot and I continued to change the channel. I mean, he could have just asked me to move... but whatever...

    Oh, so Melissa and Ryan have both blocked me... big whoop, right? well, they keep unblocking me and I dunno... checking up on me or something... I'm not really sure what they're doing... but then they'll block me again... and sooner or later they'll unblock me... and a few minutes later... block me again... now most of you would say to me, "Lora, just block them" but I say "It entertains me that they keep doing this! It's so dumb!" So, I will allow them to continue this... for now at least... Also, Melissa had her best friend Misty looking at my profile... I played dumb and imed her and was like "Who are you?" just to see if she would tell me but nothing really happened so I just blocked her. What? Did she think I was writing stuff about her in my profile and wanted to find out but didn't want me to know she was looking at it? I dunno... but I find it pretty funny... yep.

    Well, there's not really much more to write... so... goodnight!

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