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Lora (crackapunkapina) wrote,
@ 2004-03-18 23:49:00
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    Current mood: bored
    Current music:Al's steady breathing and the fan in his laptop

    Al's sick
    So... this week has been going well... Me, Mat, and Al have been sort of taking turns cooking... I made pasta one night, Al made cheese steaks another night... Mat... uhh... oh yeah he made tuna last night... but me and Al didn't eat it... anywho, I love living with boys... there's no hassle... today I was standing in the kitchen hugging Al and I burped kinda loud as Mat walked in and he laughed at me... you can't do that with girls... well, with the girls I hang out with you can but I don't live with any of those girls...

    So, yesterday, Al says, "I don't know how people who don't work or go to school do this... I'm so bored..." and Mat says, "Yeah, I'm surprised you guys aren't screwing 24-7" rofl... Just think about it... think about how much sex it's possible for us to have... it's crazy... i don't even want to know... gaaa!!!!

    Anywho, all day today Al was complaining that his knees hurt or his back hurt or that he was tired. I kept telling him to take a nap but he wouldn't listen... and now he's passed out at 11-ish when we usually stay up till one or two... I tried to go to sleep too but I just couldn't... and Mat's studying in the living room andAl's sleeping here so there's no TV for me... See, if Al had taken a nap I wouldn't have been bored because I could have watched TV... oh well, I just hope he gets better soon...

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