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·b·o·b·b·y· (coxin101) wrote,
@ 2004-06-12 11:16:00
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    Last night was so much fun, something like a mini prom. I got myself together at home, after spending countless time finding an outfit. Then my mom dropped me off at Becky's and stayed for a few pictures. I took one with Rachel, Becky and Lea, then Becky, Lea, and Evan. Then the whole group. Now the limo wasn't a hummer, but it was fine. It was an excursion or something like that--huge anyway. We got in and I sat practically in every seat. Becky, Jenna, and I commented that a lot of the guys didn't get dressed up…eh eh Sean. But he did end up looking fine so no worries. Now Eric was not in the limo, not in the limo, more on that later, you will see why. When we got to the dance, we made sure to let everyone see that we got out. Music blasting full blast, Kelsey and I were the first people out, and that was just because we were sitting. When we were all out Kelsey saw the trolley coming so she made sure to let them see her, I just walked up with Becky, Evan, and Jenna. Everything there looked wonderful. They had a red carpet, teachers handing out stuff, cd's with our name on the wall--and mine turns out to be an AOL cd. Wonderful. It was so nice, the people spent a lot of time on it, I wanted to steal more of it, but couldn't. The first maybe five songs were terrible, no one dance and you really couldn't dance to it. I think we just stood there. Some good ones came on and we dance for a little. There was a slow song and I danced with Becky Sue, which was fun. Then party hardy, whoop whoop. I felt it was my sole obligation to make everyone really hyper and having a good time, and oh baby did I try. I jumped up and down, spun around, did the whole ghetto thing, tried some freaky dance move, did some other thing, and in all of this time I managed to learn a few things. Evangalia can really dance, Sean cant, matt thinks he can, Mr. Grimley was miserable, Sr. Coombs was staring at us, Ms. Mack must have though I was on drugs, and most of my friends and party animals. Slow song time again, I think I dance with Jenna, because mike was nowhere to be seen. Then party hard and I got down man. Jamie grabbed my ass a few times, hit it a few times, and tried to grind with me from the back. Then I was competing with the huge sandwich going on in the middle. More formerly know as peanut butter and GRIND. Dude they were going at it. I just though it was funny. Then the last two slow songs. I danced with Becky again. But on the last, I stared dancing with Kelsey because Kate through her at me, but then we all dance in this circle, back and forth. Then I danced with lea I think, wait, there was a slow song in a whole dance I was with lea, I know it. Then Stefanie was all by herself and I danced with her, and then she pushed me onto Natalie for the last what, 5 seconds. I stole Becky this saxophone balloon, and then we went to friendlys. I am sitting in the backseat of Becky's car, look down, and see Erick. Then I utter, Por que, which in Spanish means why. No one knew, but he was there. Friendlys was a blast; Becky and I ate a ton. Jenna broke up with mike, and everyone had a spitball fight. Becky took a hundred pictures of me sucking things, eating things, and next to the word blow…she is going to make a "bobby erotica album." Ha. Evan dropped me off and I just chilled in the room until I fell asleep. Now here I am, wondering what to wear when I go to the church to make Saint Anthony's bread today. Also, I am wondering if Becky still wants to go to the movies tonight. So Becky ill call you later and see how your studying is coming along.

    I am going to go. Right after I spell check this thing.

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