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Kayla Gail (covered_n_rain) wrote,
@ 2004-01-07 17:46:00
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    Pizza is good. I could eat it every day if given the opportunity. It's like the absolute perfect food.

    There are only three days of Jazz band left for me. I'm really happy about that. I know that's kinda wrong I guess, but I am. I'm just kinda sick of it. I'm sick of getting home late and not getting all my work done. I know this is mean, but it's like I go there everyday after school for an hour and a half and all I get is half of a song to sing. No offense to anyone else, and if you don't like this you can go jump off a cliff, but I think I'm the best of the three vocalists. And Melody, who, in my personal opinion, is the worst, gets the most singing. Like that makes sense. And I'm not going on the New York Trip, so there's really no use in going next semester. And I don't feel accepted by the people. Not all of them anyways. Some people really make me feel bad when, to my knowledge, I didn't do anything to them. And if they have fun making people feel like crap, then that is just wonderful for them, but I do not need that. If they don't want me there, I'm not going to be there. Oh well, not a big deal.

    Matt Link got a car. It is tight. I sat in it today before Jazz band. Not for long. For like maybe 5 minutes tops, not even 5 minutes. I just wanted to see his car. We didn't do anything. We really didn't. Oh yeah we did. We listened to Griswald (spelling). Anyways, his car is nice and I'll never have one that nice. -lol-

    This is going to sound really weird, but since school started, I haven't seen Matthew that much. Its like every time I see him it's like I'm only saying "well I'll see you later" or "call me tonight". It makes me sad. I'm not really allowed to go out though. Sigh...he has lessons in Huntington today. I don't know who with, but he's going out for All State. I hope he makes it. He deserves it. He was upset about something today in Jazz Band but he would tell me what. But I knew something was wrong because he just acted funny. It kinda makes me feel bad when he doesn't tell me stuff. I mean, even if I can't help him, I still wish he would tell me. It would make me feel better because now I feel like I did something wrong and he doesn't want me to get upset that he thinks something. I wouldn't though, I'm not like that.

    I should be doing my science report, but I kinda don't see the point. I only have a 107.5 percent average in there. I'll probably do it here in a little bit. After I eat my pizza that I made.

    So many people claim to love...but there is so much unnecessary suffering in this world...maybe love is just a facade...maybe we just try to convince ourselves that Love is an actual thing and not just a dream or a goal.

    Just some foolish goal of a child...

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