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cosmo30 (cosmo30) wrote,
@ 2011-04-27 08:13:00
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    "GKE voice calls veryMicrosoft office 2007

     high quality, use rise also very convenient. We give each store is equipped with professional USB Microsoft Office is very helpful for us.

    handle phone, by GKE free speech communication, like use normal landline call is very convenient, and as each store greatly reduced the long distance telephone charges. Need time, still can always called each corner sales manager multiplayer network video conference speech or communication efficiency greatly improve. Not only, and communication costs can save more Office 2007 is also the best office suite.

    than $100,000 a year above." CaoYong dare say.

    Through the GKE, hengfeng companies can understand employee's work schedule, listen to those who report, arrange work schedule, etc, can also be among employees at any time for task, discuss the mode of each store, close with company headquarters as well as various store between Microsoft Office 2007 give you a better life.

    "distance", thus for hengfeng provides a highly interactive, individuation, and all people are like in a large office, the same work environment.

    [# page_ collaborative application business progress # 0 real time control of the # 0 # 0 # 0 #] Microsoft Office 2010 makes work easier.

    Synergy application business progress. Real time control

    By clicking on the technology and the close cooperation of both sides uf centre, GKE and A8 cooperative management system in the application of the first, to realize the integration of the system single-point login, organization and personnel information and data synchronization, Office 2010 is best for all office users.

    event-driven business processing based on the whole news remind and callback, and many other

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