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Coresti (coresti) wrote,
@ 2003-01-25 13:40:00
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    Current mood: drained

    It was a strange place; nothing like I had ever seen before. I ran out of fear of creatures and the soon to be coming darkness. There was a small clearing ahead and I stopped dead in my tracks and fell down from exhaustion. I lay there, trying to go over what had happened and how I had come here.

    The clouds were gray and rain drizzled on the windows. I sat and watch thru boredom before taking a nap. The rain came down heavier than it was before, and kept me awake. I sighed and went downstairs to find something to snack on. There was a slice of pie and I took it over near the window, looking out at the sky. It was dark from the clouds, but strangely, a store shone thru. I gazed at it for a moment before turning away.
    Gently, I whispered, “I would give anything to be away from this dreary life; A place that I could call home. A chance to have what I desire most.”
    I turned away abruptly and ran out of the room. In the background, the voices of my parents could be heard. Fighting and bickering like they always did. There were times that they would take out their frustrations on me. I rubbed my cheek, remembering the pain.
    My room was comforting and I lay back down. Slowly I sank into a deep sleep. Suddenly, I was awoken to the sounds of rushing rivers and animal sounds. That’s where I became scared. I ran frantically until I saw the grove. For a while, I stayed there, not wanting to move from the coldness. The calls of the animals were unnerving and made me jittery. Suddenly, there was a bright light gleaming beyond all the trees, and was moving towards me. I shrank back, knowing not if it was friend or foe. The glowing light moved from behind the tree and I saw it was a man. At least, I thought he was a man. His features more chiseled and well defined; he was slender for a man. The one thing that set him apart from other men that I’ve known though, were his pointed ears.
    “Welcome to these lands, Ahearna.” The golden haired man said.
    “How…how did you know my name? And who or what are you?” I stammered, holding back from him in fear.
    He smiled gently. “I am Haldir, march warden of Lorien. You name I know by the powers of Elf magic that I posses. That all of my kin possess.”
    I started to back up more, wanting to run. “Lorien? Elves? Such things I have never heard of save for a series of books written many years ago.”
    “You were transported here. A wish and desire to have a place you can call home. Come come. There woods at night are no place for a young woman of your stature.”
    I wanted to flee; something was telling me to, but yet, I followed Haldir. He led me to a city that seemed to glow silver everywhere. I was given a room, and food was soon passed in later. There was nothing to drink besides a large pitcher and fountain in the corner. I sighed and took a glass since the Elvish bread was dry. The taste was sweet, and I drank a few cupfuls before placing it down.
    A knock came at my door and Haldir entered, slightly pale. “Is something the matter?” I asked, becoming alarmed.
    “Did you drink from the pitcher? For one sip is strong enough to make a drunkard out of a man.” I said, trying to cover up the sacredness in his voice.
    I blushed and averted my gaze. “I drank three glasses of it.” He turned ghostly white. “Only one has this happened to before; and we do not speak of it openly.”
    I stood there, frightened as he quickly fled from my chambers. The bed beckoned me and I could not refuse the offer. For a while I slept. Even to this day I know not how many days or weeks it was.
    There came a day when it was sunny out and the birds were chirping. My eyes fluttered open and Haldir was standing near me and smiled slightly. “I see you’ve finally awaken. Come now, for you must be famished.”
    I rose slowly, my feet more stiff than the norm and I had a coarse feeling along my skin. I shrugged it off and remembered that I had been sleeping for so long. My long brown hair was in tangles and was due for a combing. I looked into the mirror and the brush hit the floor, although I do not ever recall hearing the sound. Where my rounded pink ears had been before, was a set of Elvish ears, although tinged with black. I started to swoon, but was caught by the hands of a husky man.
    “Who...who are you??” I squeaked, trying to pull myself together from the shock.
    “I am Strider. Come, breakfast is waiting,” he answered quietly as his dark hair fell around his face as he spoke.
    “B-b-but what’s happening to me?!” I choked out. He shook his head as if he wanted to help, but couldn’t. Strider helped me out of the room to a place where many Elves sat, laughing and joking as they ate. One of them caught sight of me and instantly quieted. The rest of the room soon followed.
    “My Lord Celeborn and Lady Galadriel. This is the young woman found by Master Haldir. She drank much from the fountain. Alas! She did not know what it could do! Already it shows signs of starting!” He said, moving the hair away from my ears.
    Lord Celeborn stepped forward, and looked me directly in the eyes, which were full of fear. “Did you not know the consequences of drinking from the fountain?” He asked softly.
    I shook my head. “I am sorry, but no. Haldir found me lost in the woods and brought me here. I was shown to the room by an attendant.”
    “But surely everyone around this area is aware of the fountain.”
    “I am not from here, nor do I know where I am.”
    He stroked his chin thoughtfully and requested to see Haldir and I in his chambers. It alarmed me and my head swam as we moved into the room. The room was dark, but lit with soft glowing silver candles. Haldir helped me into a chair as Celeborn entered.
    “Youngling, I mean not to scare you, but I fear I might. The waters you drank in the fountain possess great powers. To drink it in large quantities is dangerous. It has happened but once before. An elder Elf came and drank much as you did. What happened is that he began to experience his most deep desire, but in a twisted and dark way.” He stared at me. “Ahearna, you as well will experience this. There is one medicine that the Rohirrim posses that will greatly help you, but if the desire stabilizes before, they will not be able to help you.”
    I sat stunned, Haldir squeezing my shoulder. “What is going to happen?” I whispered.
    “Although I know, it would harm you more by telling you now. Eat breakfast, but then you must go. Haldir will accompany you as well since he is the one that brought you here to begin with.”
    Haldir nodded slowly and we walked from the room, back into the dining area. He saw me turn white and held a scared look in my eye.
    “Eat, eat. You must be strong to cope with this since I also know what is to happen to you.” He said softly, pushing a plate of fruit towards me. I was scared. More so than I have ever been, but I ate, trying to trust the word of the Elf. When finished, he led me into a different room filled with an assortment of cloaks and weapons. An attendant was inside as well and spoke with Haldir for a moment in Elvish. The attendant nodded and quickly went around gathering items. A light cloak was placed around my shoulders, and a long, sharp knife encased in a scabbard was shoved into my hand. A different cloak, rolled up, was also given to me.
    “You will need it. Now go! The both of you must leave!”
    The Elves brought out a horse and our packs were placed on her. Haldir grabbed my waist and lifted me onto the mare’s back.
    “Huh, oh! Whoa!” I cried out in surprise.
    “You are not strong enough to walk the entire distance. For now, ride Tahli, our mare.” We started out, leaving the entire silver glowing city behind. I sighed heavily, feeling the horse trudge along slowly. For a while, there was nothing but silence.
    “Stop. This looks to be as good of a spot we’re going to get for the night,” he murmured as he lifted me off the mare. I tried to stand, but I was dizzy and started to sway. Haldir caught me, and helped me back down.
    “Stay put. Right now you are still very weak. You must eat more before we do anything….” He trailed off, staring at my ears. “Ahearna, I don’t want to upset you, but there is something you need to see,” and handed me a small mirror. I peered in, and gasped. Earlier this morning, my ears were Elvish length and black tinged, but now, they resembled that of Tahli’s ears although a different color. Tears ran from my eyes as I realized what was happening. Haldir came over and wrapped his arms around me, rocking back and forth, trying to settle me down.
    “Shhh…it’s alright. You’re going to be alright,” he whispered, taking his cloak and placing it around us. I moved closer to him, scared of the woods, for comfort and warmth. His body was smooth to my touch as he undid his shirt. He grinned and helped me out of my blouse as well before moving onto his pants. We pressed together and soon he entered me, taking my virginity, and caressed my skin as he pleasured us. I moaned softly, forgetting everything except for the moment. I saw a slight frown escape his lips as he pulled himself away. My eyes round with question, I turned towards him.
    “What’s wrong? What have I done?” I asked, trying to keep myself from crying. He looked at me, distressed. “Ahearna, I shouldn’t tell you this, but your changes aren’t quite what you think,” he said softly, and patted my inner thigh. I looked down and my head went dizzy from the sight. My femininity was changing, but not to that of a mare’s. From the inner part came a small thick skin. Instantly I knew what was happening, but couldn’t deal with the facts of reality. I wanted to cry, to hold someone, to just wake up and end the dream I was in. Haldir put his arm around my shoulder, stroking my hair. I looked into his eyes and urged him to take me again while there was still time. He maneuvered his way around the beginnings of my sheath. This time he was quick and drew himself out quickly. I stared and wondered why. My question was answered for me when I saw a miniature version, a shape that I knew well; that of a stallion’s penis growing out of the small sheath.
    I shook with fear. The sensations were so different than that of what I was used to. Tentatively, I picked it up in my hand and rubbed it softly. It wasn’t large enough to do what I saw Haldir do, but it was a pleasant feeling. The few inches of it retracted back into the little sheath I had growing in-between my legs. Haldir put his hand to my forehead and sent me to a deep sleep for the night.
    The next morning, I woke with Haldir sleeping next to me, albeit the growing alien member I had. Surveying myself, I found that my ears hadn’t changed, my feet were stiffer, there was a nub above my backside, and my sheath and penis and lengthened by an inch as well as thickening a bit. It had been dark last night when they first showed and I couldn’t get a good look at them, but in the broad daylight, I could see that both were black. The penis was soft and sticky while the sheath was soft and felt good to my touch. I went to stand up, and another surprise hit me. Little sacs in-between my legs bounced around and each were about the size of a golf ball. Stunned again, I went down to the creek and started to wash off. The water was cold against the brisk morning wind, and my skin was sensitive and became cold quickly. I jogged back to where the little camp was set up and I saw Haldir beginning breakfast. Grabbing a cloak to cover up, I moved towards him. He looked up, although sadly and handed over a plate of pancakes and fruit. While I ate, I tried to make sense of what was going on.
    One of my fondest dreams had always been to own a horse. I loved them and needed to be near them all the time. Lord Celeborn had said I would experience my dreams, albeit in a dark and twisted way and I guessed this was it.
    “We must leave now since your changes are occurring faster than we previously thought.” He set me back on Tahli. “You are still weak and riding would be best for you, although, it may hurt a bit now.”
    He was right; my sheath was tight fitting under my pants and when the mare moved, my little sacs were squeezed. I grimaced and bared it to the point where I thought they would start to bleed. The night was already falling when Haldir stopped us.
    “We’ll rest here tonight,” he stated and helped me down. I immediately went to remove my pants since they were constricting me even more. The sight brought a tear to my eye as I saw that the sheath had grown to about two inches under my naval as well as thickening more. Haldir caught sight of my face and wrapped his arms around my shoulders and then moved to place his delicate Elven hand on my sheath. The touch was amazing and I saw the little penis slither out. It too had grown thicker as well as lengthening another inch. We came down on a soft bed of leaves and he started to stroke my member and I felt it start to become hard and stiff which was an alien feeling to me. Haldir touched it once more and I watched as it deposited a white sticky fluid in front of me. He hung his head, looking like he was going to cry.
    “What’s wrong?” I asked quietly, wiping off my now limp penis and sliding it back up into my sheath.
    He looked me in the eyes. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t be doing this to you… Taking advantage of your vulnerable state.” He stopped. “But I will get what I deserve. If one partakes in acts such as these with another who is in the middle of stabilizing, they also will begin to take on the changes.” I gasped, and he rested his head against my breast. I reached for a cloak and covered us with it, moving closer to him for warmth.
    The next morning when I woke, Haldir was already busying himself with breakfast and preparations to leave soon. He looked up and saw me, and then hung his head, trying to cover his now furry golden ears with his long hair.
    I gazed at him, holding a sad look, and just barely whispered. “Haldir, it’s alright. I don’t mind what you did last night. More like I almost enjoyed it.”
    His voice was hoarse and he held back a tear. “They sent me on the journey with you because they knew this was going to happen. Celeborn knew that you were going to change genders as well as species. He also knew that when that happens, another of the same gender is needed for comfort and such.” He wrapped his cloak tighter around him. “Celeborn forgot to mention one thing to me though; the one who partakes in acts like these is the one who pays the consequences worse.” His voice dropped, almost inaudible. “I am becoming your mate; your mare.”
    I stared at him, my mouth dropping in shock. “We must get to Rohan then! You said they posses something that can help!”
    He nodded slowly, standing up and moved stiffly to gather our gear. I took a quick walk to a nearby creek and washed up noting a new few changes. My feet were stiffer yet, almost to the point where it was impossible to move the toes, the swelling on my backside was growing, and there was a trace of light coloring all over my body.
    “Come,” he said gruffly. “You’ll have plenty of time later to inspect yourself.”
    I quailed at the harshness in his tone, but didn’t stop getting ready. Tahli was near and I went to climb on, but was stopped by Haldir. “Do not ride today for you will hurt yourself more that way than becoming overly tired.”
    Nodding, I came to his side and tentatively moved my arm around his midsection. He glanced but did nothing to remove my touch. Slowly the hours marched by, my body became weary from the long amounts of walking. We stopped once for lunch, but only briefly.
    “Haldir, how much further away is Rohan?” I questioned, noticing the black and grey hairs starting to sprout off my growing tailbone.
    He sighed, trying to flex his toes. “If I’m correct, we should be there soon. Hopefully the one we are looking for will be there. Eomer they call him, Lord of the Rohirrim, The Horse Lords. Celeborn knows much and there is one way to return the both of us to normal. Hopefully, hopefully Eomer will be there,” he replied, he voice starting to break.
    We started back off, but didn’t get far. We were getting very weak and decided that it would be best to stay the night at the nearest grove. He made dinner, but I picked at it since I wasn’t hungry and had no intention of forcing myself to eat. He scouted around, looking for firewood for the night. I helped him get it lit, then laid down beside him. He lay quietly, not wanting to move much. Cautiously, I reached up to his head and stroked his furry ears and felt him do the same to mine a moment later. He undid his cloak; I took off mine, and covered us with a large blanket. I squeezed closer myself closer to him and his naked body. There was a stirring in between my legs and I watched as my penis emerged. It had grown during the day, as well as the rest of my equipment. The sheath came up to just below my navel and my scrotum had inflated to about the size of plums. It stiffened and I held Haldir close as I felt my throbbing member push into his quivering growing femininity under his own member. My stallion like penis pulsed intensely and sent Haldir almost into a convulsion as he experienced being female for the first time. I withdrew my enlarging member carefully since his organs were becoming too small for my own. He touched my lips with a light kiss and rested his head on top of my breast until he fell asleep. I sat there staring off into space. For me, this was the strangest thing that had ever happened and doubted that anything could ever come close to it. I lay still, finally falling asleep.
    A loud cracking brought the both it alertness in seconds. There was a storm brewing close to us and the rains had already started to fall gently, but gradually picking up speed. Haldir grabbed our gear and motioned to me to follow him. I led Tahli, scarcely able to see the Elf in front of me as he headed to a nearby covering. It was a cave of some sort, dark and damp. I shivered from the cold and took my soaked cloak and went to look for much needed firewood. Luckily, there was plenty of dry wood nearby and was able to get a fire going rapidly. Haldir came over to me a bit later, naked as well from removing his sopping clothes. I rubbed his shoulder, softly caressing it as the storm raged on and I felt my penis again wanting to undulate from my furry sheath. I looked at Haldir’s face and knew now was not the time. His eyes were shrunken and empty of feelings, a sad smile never left his lips, and he held his arms tightly against his chest. I cried inside, hating to see him so distraught over the ordeal and laid down and went back to sleep until the morning.
    I woke up later, careful not to disturb him and went about getting our gear packed and ready to move out. The rains had stopped and I was able to go down to the river and wash up again. The reflection gave me a view of myself and I saw my tail hairs came down to the back of my knees, the dapple-grey coat of fuzz thickened on my body, toes became harder and were blackening, but the sight that really did me in was my face. The front from my nose down had started pushing out a bit to form the signs of an early muzzle. I stammered, not knowing what to do and was caught by Haldir when I almost fainted.
    “The changes are accelerating. We must move quickly as to reach Rohan by nightfall for I fear that one more night together will do us both in,” he said, hurrying me towards Tahli and the gear. I noted that he as well was changing more and showed traces of a golden coat, stiff feet, and a large nub above his backside. “Ride Tahli again today since we must move fast.”
    I climbed up, taking care not to harm anything and kicked her into a run as Haldir sprinted along side with Elvish speed. For hours we did not stop, slowing only for momentary pauses to let Tahli catch her breath. The plains of Rohan finally came upon us at midday. Haldir flipped himself onto the mare’s back as well and whispered Noro lim and she broke into a dead gallop over the rolling hills. In the distance, there was a horse and rider who charged over to greet us.
    “We’ve been expecting you for a few days now. Had you not shown up tonight, we would’ve had to send out a search team for you. Come. Eomer is waiting for you in his chambers,” the dark haired man said, and followed him towards the great building of the Rohirrim. Haldir and I were escorted into the building, but I was scared and tried to cover my alien body. He saw and placed his delicate hand on my shoulder, trying to comfort me. A large man was sitting in an intricately carved chair with running horse designs on it once we entered the chambers.
    “Good evening Master Elf, Lady Ahearna. I had received word from Lord Celeborn that you would be arriving within the week.” Haldir nodded in agreement and shoved me slightly, making me look up at Eomer. He was a rugged man; long blond shaggy hair and a scruffy beard. His gaze locked directly on me once my ever-growing muzzle came into view. “You’ve changed much quicker than we had excepted. This complicates matters to an extent since we are unsure as to what to do if our planned action does not work. And Haldir, you as well are changing. Did you not know what would happen if you partook in actions such as you did with Lady Ahearna?”
    Haldir hung his head and mumbled, “Yes, my lord Eomer. I did.”
    “We must hurry then. Having slept with Ahearna sped the changes greatly. Especially yours,” Eomer said as he looked at Haldir’s nervously swishing tail and twitching ears. He turned to me. “Ahearna, please, follow me. I will not harm you nor would I wish to,” he requested, running a large hand over my now furry muzzle softly. I tried to shrink back, not wanting to leave Haldir, but was urged on by Eomer. He led me into a small bedroom, filled with a plush bed, bright windows, and as the trademark of Rohan, carved running horses on the walls. The bed was soft as he lowered me onto it with his strong, but gentle arms. I knew what he wanted as he slowly began to strip himself of his clothing and then move to my own. I averted my gaze, ashamed of my form and such. The man unclasped my skirt and let it drop around me. My stallion sheath bulged in front of him, and his gaze locked on it.
    “I had not known of this…” he said softly, touching me gently. I looked away from him, ashamed, and tried to get off the bed. “Do not leave, Ahearna. You must be returned to your normal form.”
    I sighed, and turned back towards him. Eomer’s touch was pleasant, much different than Haldir’s, but not in a hurtful way. He pulled me over near him, my tail swishing anxiously. A chuckle escaped his lips as he saw the movement and went to run his fingers through my long grey and black tail hairs, which had grown to full length during the day. I smiled slightly, tenderly rubbing his strong chest and cuddled next to him, resting my muzzle on his shoulder. He snuck a quick kiss on my neck and pulled me closer to him. Still cautious to anyone’s touch other than Haldir’s, I shifted uneasily as he toyed with me. Sensuously, he ran his hand over my smooth skin, making me shiver from the electrical shocks. A soft whisper escaped my lips as I felt as if the end was near. I saw a smile on his face as he silently fell into the dream world. Placing my head on his well-muscled chest, I drifted to sleep as well.
    “Ahearna, Ahearna, wake up. Come, breakfast is being served,” were the next words I head from Eomer’s soft lips. I groaned, rolling over on my back, squishing my hairy tail in the process. A soft laugh escaped him as I pulled it out from under my body. I stepped off the cozy bed and was shocked to see my sheath growing smaller since last night.
    “Eomer…You’ve done it! It’s going away!” I gasped, running over to hug the man. He looked sheepish. “We do not know what is going to happen to you though. Even from yesterday your feet...erm, hooves have changed more,” he said sadly, motioning me to look. I stammered, watching my now hoofed feet lay there. He gripped my furry shoulder and let me cry into his arms.

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