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forget my name, forget my face (coolxkevycoolx) wrote,
@ 2004-05-30 22:56:00
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    Current mood: disappointed
    Current music:last train home - lost prophets

    LQ and the WB go together like PB and J
    hey, aight this weekend has been tight. saturday brendan and ryan came over and we played hardcore homerun derby. brendan broke the record for homers in a round. then like the next game ryan broke that record. it was wild. then we went to brendansthenw ill came ova. we had a ball war in his basement it got crazy. then we got picked up at 7-11 and we went to brooks to stock up on food for the lock-in. then we went to ryans for a little. then we walked back to 7-11 and met up with tanya and laura. then we went to brendands and watched american pie 2. then we went back to ryans for a hot second then nick pikced us up adn we went to laser quest. and we met up with will timmy and tommy there. then it was lq time! o there was this kid there who looked jus like bobby except he hads fucked up teeth and he was autistic, it was so fuckin funny. then we lqed it up. it was pretty fun. i did pretty good. so then 6 hours later we got picked up. i went to bed. got up went to work. it was aight today. then i got home and ryan tom nick and dan came ova and we wiffle balled. then we went to the beach and met up with charlie jimmy kara kevin and john and then connor andy and dwyer came and wild stuff was goin on. i sunned everyone. some old guy started tellin mad gay jokes to us. it was funny. yea, aight im out. cya,.

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