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eli (fly_like_eli) wrote in coollikewhoa_,
@ 2003-09-01 19:30:00
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    Current mood: thirsty
    Current music:i can get stupid girl out of my f*cking head!

    absolutely ludicris

    im too cool to look at the camera...


    elias aka eli


    20/m (in case u were wondering...)

    -describe yourself in four words:

    greek, musical, artsy, fartsy

    -describe your style:

    i like to wear clothes.
    sometimes i dont though...i guess that might be a problem...

    -list your top 10 favorite bands:

    311, incubus, jason mraz, jack johnson, john mayer, the who, sublime, rbf, g-love and special sauce, the fugees, ben harper and the innocent criminals

    -list your bottom 10 least favorite bands:

    creed, nickelback, creed, (can u count nelly as a band?) , good charlotte, creed, slipknot, insane clown posse, stew, and did i mention creed?

    -name 5 bands you've seen live:

    311,rbf, incubus, g-love and special sauce, zebrahead (i could go on and on...)

    -favorite book:

    the westing game

    -all time favorite movie:

    a clash between the saint and old school

    -views on abortion,drugs,politics:

    abortion - none of my business. all about the women being able to decide on thier own. i dont have a vagina so im not one to say.
    drugs - if u like em so be it. i happen to like em but i dont get all peer pressurey about it. and i wasn't forced i seeked it out.
    politics - not that interested...

    -why should we like you?

    cuz im a badass mamajama.
    im mad greek. i play the drums/percussion/guitar
    and i can keep a soccer ball in the air for about 3 min without using my hands.

    -anything else you'd like to add:

    for some reason im hoping not to get in this because the rejection stamp is fucking badass.

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