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Harry (cool_harry) wrote,
@ 2009-09-20 22:34:00
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    Milan won
    Milan played really well today and had such domination in the game that bologna could not even get more than one shot on goal. Seedorf scored the only goal of the game and it was so wonderful.
    Well I was just having this discussion that how seedorf will go to bed as a satisfied man, I would also like to have such a feeling. When I was developing my DSP crash utility, I had such feeling every day while going to sleep. I want to feel it again so I am going to make myself busy with one of my own projects and also work a notch or two harder in the office too, and get that "performer of the week" title more than 2 times.
    Well I still miss those phone calls, while going to sleep, god I am such a loser, can not even forget about a girl who made a fool out of me, can not even hate that girl, who told me so many lies...And I still expect that call from her, where she accepts that she is not dead and made a mistake, and when I know very well that she must have moved on and talking to some other guy right now this very moment...
    Please god give me the strength to forget her, to fight the feeling that I get to call her when I go to sleep every night, It would have been so easy if I did not remember her phone number by heart, I could have just deleted her from my call register, but how am I supposed to erase a number from my heart...
    Well why everything is so tough for me, why couldn't this relationship carry on and be the sweet little thing it had started off as and why couldn't I make her laugh every night, why did I have to cry, there is surely something wrong with me but I guess I will never know...
    God these mood swings, getting the better of me, well I will stop here before I go into some other dimension of the blame game that I am so used to playing now...

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