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Christopher W Cook (cooker187) wrote,
@ 2006-04-30 20:55:00
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    Current mood:nostalgic

    Jan-Apr 2006
    i got a response from my previous update from my pal Tiffany asking what i've been doing lately, so i figured it was about time for a brief update of my new year. it'll start out slow, but it gets better trust me... please keep your arms in the car at all times and enjoy the ride.


    23- after months of declining health, my beloved cat Mikey was put to sleep. he was three months shy of his 16th birthday.

    31- i visited Mikey's grave for the first time at my father's house in Noblesville. my dad built him a pretty nice coffin. i'm sure he's resting in peace.


    3- i drove down to Evansville and went to Ginnys Place that night. i'm not sure what i sang or who i saw. it was a couple of months ago.

    4- i dropped down to Owensboro and chatted with Sherry at Hobby Lobby. she was at work. she had recently started seeing someone and didn't want to do the long distance thing. i haven't heard much from her since. that night was spring passover so i spent some time at the house and at Blaire's hanging out and drinking.

    9- i met up with my friend Deanna at the Vogue for the Here Come the Mummies concert. they were good, but their music was too positive for me. i'm also not much of a dancer so it wasn't too much fun. i actually lost interest halfway through. it was good music though and the costumes were a classic.

    11- i took a class at IUPUI in web design. honestly didn't learn much. i still don't have a web site. i learned that if i buy a multi-hundred dollar program it will make one for me easily. weeee. that was worth my time and money on a Saturday.

    18- i had my first starring role in a film other than one of mine. i was cast as Tom Cruise in Big Ass War, a spoof of War of the Worlds. it was a lot of fun running around from fake aliens and skeletons in Broad Ripple in the afternoon when it was freezing outside.

    19- finished up filming at Cinema Grill. a fun scene filmed with some annoying kids.

    20- saw Sigur Ros at the Murat Theater. they put on a beautiful show, but played mostly new stuff. the opening act was Amina, four girls that play strings on Sigur Ros's albums but are a band in their own name. one girl played a saw with a bow in one song. it was freakin' awesome.

    24- went down to Evansville and began production of my latest film, Harry Putter and the Flaming Grail.


    8- lacking motivation to work on things, and giving up napping for lent, I returned to Red Lobster part time working Wed, Thurs and Fri nights. of course, this meant that i would be working 12 hours a day three days a week. i'm still doing it. i don't know how.

    11- went to the Indiana Ice game with Lisa and her Indy meet up group. we won in a shoot out. it was a good game. afterward, i went to the Beer Sellar for Dallas's farewell party. he was going to Alaska for school. i sang some Linkin Park and Eminem karaoke.

    19- production wrapped up in Evansville for Harry Putter 4. it only took four days of filming down in Evansville to finish around 75% of the movie. mad props to the cast for working their asses off.

    25- back in Evansville for Fiji's pig dinner. caught up with some of the old guys. good times.

    27- i texted a bunch of people when i was down south and i got a phone call from my ex- Sherry Hardy. we talked for about 90 minutes. long in the short of it, she felt bad for what she did to me. but she was the one that left me and married someone else. it was nice to hear from her and catch up on things.


    3- spent a couple of days in Evansville house sitting for my dad.

    7- back in Evansville for Fiji's hot tub o thon. bad weather ruined the tubbing for awhile, but it didn't dampen anyone's spirits. hail didn't even stop the slip and slide participation.

    15- began production in Indianapolis of Harry Putter 4

    18- went on a road trip to Milwaukee to see Fall Out Boy, All-American Rejects and Hawthorne Heights. first off, i got pulled over for the first time outside of Morris, IL. i was doing 16 over the limit and got a speeding ticket. Boooo. my map was horrible and i was really late to the show, i missed the first two bands, but got their right when Heights started. i hung out in the concourse because i didn't want to get in people's way to find my seat. they sounded good. the Rejects stole the show. they just belted out song after song to fill their time slot, mostly new stuff. they were awesome. Fall Out Boy dissapointed me. their music was good, but you could tell they're still new to the headlining things. they didn't entertain me in between songs. i stayed at a crappy hotel in North Chicago that night and headed back the next morning.

    21- gave away my shift at RL and headed to Louisville for Tarr's bachelor party. we stayed at the Caesar's hotel. it was really nice but pricy as hell. we took cabs to 4th street live and went bar hopping. we spent most of the time at Howl at the Moon. damn was our server and bartender good looking, especially when they danced on the piano to Pour Some Sugar On Me. a fun night out with the guys. there were 14 of us to start things off.

    22- a terrible tragedy hit our party on Saturday. we were in the limo halfway to the Makers Mark factory. we stopped at a rest stop when Brennan got the phone call that his father had passed away this morning. it was a very sad moment. we turned around and made arrangements for him to get to Evansville to be with his family. we tried to have fun with the remainder of our limo time. we went to some winery instead and then just drove around. we had dinner at one of the restuarants at the casino and then went on board to gamble. i lost $15 and then crashed for the night. i was tired. woke up, ate brunch and headed home the next morning.

    24- drove up to Fort Wayne after work and saw Dashboard Confessional and the Secret Machines. DC was incredible. they put on an awesome show. they played all my favorite songs to wrap the show and in the encore. i left in a great mood.

    25- froze my gym membership due to lack of time and a normal schedule.

    30- updated my journal.

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