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Christopher W Cook (cooker187) wrote,
@ 2005-12-31 12:19:00
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    Current mood:nostalgic

    2005 Part 2
    well, it's New Year's Eve and I need to finish off my 2005 update. first off, I've decided not to ring in the new year this year. Writing a different number on the end of my checks is no big deal. here's October through December....


    2- Alan Lashbrook, the make up guy for To Haunt You, attempted to make a body cast of my torso for a nightmare scene where I get a tongue pierced through my throat. Unfortunately, the cast fell apart and didn't work. Try having your entire torso covered in plaster for over three hours with holes only for your nostrils to breathe. And then try peeling that shit from your body hair. Ouch!

    6- went down to Evansville for the night. It felt weird cause I went to Ginny's Place with the Fijis and I went to school with like maybe 5 of the whole table there. It was a fun time. Karaoke night. I think I sang Mr. Brightside by the Killers and Holiday by Green Day. Coy Danks from Red Lobster was also there. good times.

    7- the reason for my trip down south. I went to visit Sherry Trivett, a girl I had met through Yahoo Personals when I still lived down there. She lives in Owensboro. I sometimes kick myself for moving because we started talking again a lot after she graduated from college in May. I was waiting for the movie to be over, but I found a weekend that worked out. we just hung out at her apartment. her room mate was there most of the time, but we watched movies, played board games and ate Little Ceasar's pizza. Remember that? they still have it down there. sadly, I haven't heard much from her in the past month or two. I had a real good time with her though. I'd like to think that a relationship could work between us because she's pretty outgoing and has lots of friends she likes to go out with and i'm pretty introverted and like to spend time alone to write. we'll see if i hear from her.

    13- a fun evening. i met actress Dakota Fanning at a movie premiere of Dreamer: Based on a true story. She was really nice, fun, cute, all the stuff you can see from interviews with her. I told her that i liked her performance in Hide and Seek and she thanked me, etc. The film was shown downtown at the IMAX as the opening event of the Heartland Film Festival. an expensive ticket, plus i bought a candid photo of Dakota off of Ebay to get signed, but it was all worth it. great movie too. i actually went and saw it again with Lisa for her birthday.

    16- a rare day. i went undefeated in our weekly football pool at home. got every game right. a first and probably a last.

    17- my first Monday Night Football game as the Colts played the Rams. I went with Mom, Ryan, Ray, Desirae, and Ray's sister BJ came up from Louisville. it was a fun night even though the Colts were down by like 20 points at the start. they came back and kicked ass. and it was a fun trek walking from the Channel 13 parking lot to the dome before and after the game.

    18- i auditioned for an added scene to the film Death of a Barefoot Tourguide, directed by my brother's friend Garrett Crowe. I also auditioned for their other film, Big Ass War, a spoof of War of the Worlds.

    22- sad day. after doing some research, I learned that my hamster Sonny suffered a stroke. he shook around rapidly, struggled to walk and eventually began favoring his front legs only. i said my goodbyes to him when i went to bed, but he was still hanging tough in the morning.

    25- the symptoms had vanished, but today Sonny had another apparent stroke, repeating his behaviors from Saturday night.


    5- At 1:55pm with me petting his back, Sonny passed away. We buried him in the back yard beside Peewee and I played his requiem on a stereo, Sonny by New Found Glory. he is greatly missed and was a great friend during rough times for me. i'm just glad he waited for a day that i was home and could be there with him.

    6- if Sonny's passing was bad enough, this morning an F3 tornado struck Evansville and Newburgh at 2:30am. It destroyed the trailer park down the street from my old apartment, killing 20some people. One of those people, my friend Becca Duncan's aunt. I sent her flowers. Ellis Park, the race track across the river, which I visited a few times a month for off track racing was also severely damaged. i got permission that day at work to have my cell phone on as i frantically texted friends in the area to make sure they were alright.

    That night I began orientation for Buffalo Wild Wings in Carmel. I went in on Nov. 2 after work and got hired on the spot. Orientation was insane and I wouldn't last long at that location. it was set up more like a restaurant than a sport's bar. i didn't want that and i wasn't making any money.

    13- BWW opened in Carmel. I didn't have to work on opening day. Huh?

    16- i became the first employee at the BWW in Carmel to go on vacation. yay! we went to Seattle, Washington to visit Jeff for Jeffy's 1st birthday. it was me, mom and dad. on the way out there i found my latest pleasure, Sudoku puzzles. i'm addicted. like heroin, only worse. i'm always doing a puzzle. they're fun cause it involves numbers without actual math. i also had a cinnabun in Chicago. yay. we arrived and chilled at the hotel before going to the community center for the party. it was fun. Jeffy's a riot and we met their family and everything.

    17- went downtown Seattle for the day. i like Pike's Peak Market place. i went to the fish place we saw in a training video for BWW. it was funny. Jeff and family met up with us for the Aquarium and then they left. we went up the Space Needle. nice view of the city. came back to the hotel and watched Lost and crashed. Seattle's street system is stupid. i'll NEVER drive in that city. The highlight of the trip had to of been dinner that night. Bob's Burgers! 99 cent burgers and teriyaki chicken and rice. (drools) i'd fly back just for that.

    18- we went to a nature reserve place i saw a brocheure for near Mt. Rainier. it was cool. we took a bus ride through this place and saw bison, deer, elk, mountain goats, etc. all up close and personal. they also had some other animals in another exhibition- wolves, bears, etc. it was a cool park. i picked good. Jeff and family brought dinner over to the hotel and we ate and played with Jeffy.

    19- we flew home. had a good lunch. fish and chips with salmon instead of generic white fish we get here. bought a Seahawks shot glass and then a Broncos one during our stop in Denver. got home late and crashed.

    21- received the email that i got cast in the Tourguide scene.

    28- today was my first night at the BWW in Castleton. i followed because it was a monday night Colts game and busier than hell. I like the place because i work Monday through Friday lunches only. nice.

    30- had rehearsal for the tourguide scene. it should be fun because i know everyone involved. my fellow actors were Ryan Walsh and Jason Smither.


    3- UE beat Purdue! Holy crap!

    4- filmed the Tour Guide scene. it was a long 8 hour shoot, but a lot of fun with a nice lunch break in the middle. we talked a lot about Skeletor from He-man for some reason. it had something to do with the fact that he had no eyes and therefore wouldn't need makeup.

    12- after a year and a half or so delay, editing began on my third installment of Harry Putter.

    17- went to the State Museum for the Lord of the Rings exhibit. It was awesome except for the fact that there were LOTS of people crammed in the room. it was cool though seeing original props and costumes from the film though. that night was Joy's get together at the Beer Sellar before she moved to Bloomington. fun time. i had way too much to drink though.

    20- i had a date. GASP! i went to Christmas at the Zoo with a girl named Toni from Brownsburg. we met through Yahoo Personals. it was a fun date, seeing the lights, a crappy laser light show, and of course all the aminals. it was funny cause little kids would push her out of the way. she's only 4'11. i'm not for pushing little kids at a zoo, but i would've. we had a fun time, but i haven't heard much from her since. maybe cause of the holidays. i'd like to see her again though.

    24- went to dad's and celebrated christmas with dad and betty. ate pizza and watched colts.

    25- christmas with mom. it felt like a Sunday with presents and turkey.

    27-29- i stayed at Dad's house and housesitted while they went to TN to visit relatives. Mikey my cat is old. he was like a little kid, waking me up daily at 6am to be entertained or to go outside. it was nice to have some time alone for awhile. i guess i know what the future will be like now.

    31- that's today's date. don't have much planned. get some stuff done. going out to dinner. i got invited to a new years party. i'll probably call later to politely decline the invite. i'll say i have other plans. i just don't feel like doing much tonight. well, that was 2005 in a nutshell. what will the new year hold? who knows? it's just another year ending in 6.

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