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x.A.Place.In.The.Sun.x (consummatedragn) wrote,
@ 2005-03-28 22:17:00
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    Current mood: numb
    Current music:Lux Couragous "Seatbelts Are Saviors"

    Random poems
    "Unequaled Pop bubble Gum"

    Cut this heart out,
    Sew up the loose viens save one...
    Let the ocean fill with my blood,
    Sea green traded for death red.
    I never thought life was so illusionary,
    depnding on a rhyme scheme - and not a passion

    If you let the water go
    Nothing comes back
    Caught in the stream of the tide
    To a desert Island
    With banter accompaniment by the captain of the cheerlead squad

    The levels now dip
    Brain fogging oxygen deprivation
    Feelings leaving
    For once this feels real
    void of percetions

    "Untitled 1"

    Give me one wish
    and i'd wish it away
    waste it all on regression
    Freud would turn in his grave

    "Red vs Blue"

    Everything be alright
    Everyone will wonder how
    what happend to this all?
    Forgotten past
    drilling present
    everyones watching
    dont mess up
    dont let them know you hurt
    they'll see your weakness
    turn it againt you
    weakness breeds weakness
    they all know your losing the battle
    they all kow they are wining against you

    "Risky Business"

    Not sure if this dangerous
    To just run away
    leave what has been set forth before me
    Not that its working out for me aways

    The pacfic could be a week away
    If i start now
    But how do you start what feels so right
    When it all feels so wrong?
    It just feels better to say that i dream
    then to act
    on a feeling

    Just watching the sky
    losing perception to a world of material
    Becoming cestial
    This could be dangerous
    but who would know after i become cestial?

    "Untitled 2"

    Silent drawn lines
    echoed ancient arts
    I can see the angles drawn themselves forth
    From photographed love
    If i could only find a home to go running back to
    Stacked high and piled low
    drive off to a place no one will find

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