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x.A.Place.In.The.Sun.x (consummatedragn) wrote,
@ 2005-03-01 21:46:00
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    Current mood: restless
    Current music:A playlist of various hardcore

    1. Misunderstood
    2. Forgotten
    3. Disregard
    4. Pushed Aside
    6. Pushed around
    7. Used
    8. Abused
    9. Over Stress
    10. Over Extended
    11. Ignored
    12. Bled
    13. Turned Away

    Emptiness running through me
    Taking all that i am
    Leaving me this blinding mask
    Grasping for the wind
    Everything I've done
    Everything I've gained
    It all means nothing
    A mere breath has passed away
    Sadness I embrace
    Left with empty promises
    I look at myself and see the scars
    That are brought to me by this life
    Then I ask myself
    Is that all this world has to give
    The chase is over I am finished
    Stripped of every reason I cry out to You
    From my knees I scream

    as i lay dying "A Breathe in the EYes of Enterity"

    why? I dont get it at all....

    Some say half empty, half full.....i never got a glass to start with.....

    Panic in the streets of london!

    sudden cries lamented over dried coffins in summer burnded heat with misquitos kisses and ghoper hole-ing.

    Breathe? Naaah....i'll just suffoate under the weight of it all

    tear at the breathe

    failure is immeniet

    go jooooooeeessss!

    i miss the beach

    warning core implosion

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