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confused (confused2) wrote,
@ 2005-04-27 01:38:00
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    Current mood: blah

    Another Day
    So it's another day gone by. Same shit just like any other day. I started my day as usual, got up went to work at 1 and came home at10. (boring right) Well anyways I guess i havent really said much about myself. Just for starters im 24 year old confused girl!!! The reason i say I'm confused is basically because i've always been straight (except for those damn drunken nights) until now. For the past year I have been with a girl. I still find this hard to believe, but i guess it's finally sinking in. (i think) I dont know why or what it was that attracted me to her, but I do know that I have NEVER felt this way for anyone before. I lost my whole 2 (female) friends that I had once i told them. I guess they just thought that it was weird or something. I can't say that i blame them, I thought it was weird at first to!!!! It's really weird to sit and think about the fact that you no longer have friends, other than my best friend who moved 300 miles away. I feel like my world revolves around her.

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