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companyphoneservices (companyphoneser) wrote,
@ 2012-01-25 14:13:00
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    Good options for a company phone
    An expanding and improving business needs a company phone that can keep up with its everyday operations. When your business grows, so does your contact list. contacts that undoubtedly increased in number includes customers, suppliers, staff, etc.. A single phone line might not be adequate to manage all the calls you receive and send in a day. Adding extension lines just means that more people can answer one telephone call in different places. The line is still busy as long as one person is using it.

    If you’ve realized that people contacting you have gotten busy tones lately or that you find it difficult to call from the office since the line is always tied up, then maybe it is time for you to install a more advanced telephone system.

    exploring available options is the first step to acquiring an improved telephone system that fits your needs. The following may be viable options for upgrading your company phone:

    1. PBX - also referred to as a private branch exchange, this requires the installation of a switching station to manage incoming calls. It lets you route calls to the appropriate devices inside the network, and allow the units inside the network to communicate without compromising incoming calls. A PBX can usually be acquired from your local telephone company. VoIP firms which use Voice over Internet Protocol technology have developed alternative solutions to the conventional landline switch.

    2. Tollfree numbers - you may want to think of subscribing to a central toll free number for your company. It not only expands your marketing reach outside your locality, but it also helps you establish your business’ identity. Tollfree numbers are also portable, and will get rid of a great deal of trouble when transferring offices. And since the Federal Communications Commission lifted some restrictions, they’re not as pricey as they used to be. You'll be able to get tollfree numbers from local telephone companies or VoIP firms on the web.

    3. Faxing - having several ways for people to contact you always improves whatever telephone system you possess. You might not need to stay on the telephone so long asking for quotations if people can fax you documents. If you think that a fax machine is too costly or cumbersome, VoIP technology also offers a lot more options and eliminates the need for a fax machine and physical wiring. If you subscribe to an internet fax service, you can use your email to send and receive faxes.

    Just selecting 1 among the three choices mentioned above will undoubtedly enhance your telephone system. A PBX may be a good upgrade for you if you need a way to manage your calls and have many departments or employees working together. A small business may want to avail of a tollfree number to help acquire more clients and expand their marketing reach. If you think your enterprise needs all three options, then perhaps you must get in touch with a service provider to upgrade your company phone soon.

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