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companyphoneservices (companyphoneser) wrote,
@ 2012-03-27 18:06:00
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    Get a VoIP PBX And Enjoy Its Advantages
    When you’re a company owner and you’re thinking about your company phone, you want a system that is easy to use, efficient and fits in your budget. Calling your local phone company is one step to take when canvassing and searching for the best telephone service provider. But what you might not be conscious of is the fact that you have a wealth of alternatives beyond your local phone service provider.

    If your existing office setup consists of solid infrastructure, then you may want to make the most of the technology readily accessible to you. Rather than the traditional proprietary landline system that’s usually installed in companies, you might want to try using a VoIP-based PBX system. VoIP, which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, utilizes the processing power of your office computer systems and the versatility of the internet to create completely functional telephone systems.

    When you do subscribe to a VoIP-based system, you may enjoy the following advantages:

    1. Easy installation and modification - if all of the system specifications are in place (speakers, headphones, sound cards, codecs, etc.), your VoIP service provider just ask you to download their software phones or customers for specific functions and you will be ready to use your new company phone system. If you ever need adjustments carried out to your system, your in-house computer system expert may be able to carry out the changes, and you won’t have to call a guy to come over anymore. Moving and changing office space won’t be as tedious also, because as soon as your computers are all back in place, so is your phone system. If you wish to get a PBX, this might be a huge benefit for you.

    2. Scalability - acquiring new phone functions isn’t hard and can be easily added to whatever telephone network you’ve installed. If some new, exciting technology is suddenly offered, you don’t need to be concerned about system overhauls because the service provider can add the new feature easily.

    3. Lower installation cost - depending on your hardware, you may need to buy sound cards, speakers and headsets for your workplace terminals. In case you already have these peripherals, then you might not have to pay anything extra for your telephone system installation. This is a large difference with proprietary systems which usually have installation charges to cover the labor expenses and physical devices they supply. It is possible to get sophisticated functions like a PBX, fax service and conference calling at a considerably lower price than what landline services offer.

    4. Lower monthly costs - since the service uses the internet, you don’t have to pay for the use of hard telephone lines. This reduces the cost of monthly services and ultimately lowers your monthly telephone bill.

    You might still be on the hedge about acquiring a VoIP system, but what’s about service providers for this kind of phone system is that they provide free trials on some of their packages. If you are interested but not quite convinced, then perhaps availing of their free trials for your company phone is a great idea.

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