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Jamie (colurmepretty) wrote,
@ 2004-09-09 23:37:00
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    *jumps up and down*
    I am so excited guys!! Leo and I found our apartment and they allow cats so we are going to get a kitty cat and I am so excited! I was planning on getting a shi-tzu; however, there are hardly any, if at all, apartments that allow dogs because they are too much of a liability for the landloards. (What ever that means- :)) SOOOOOO- Here is what kind of cat Leo and I are going to get this May---->

    We are getting an orange or grey Persian Kitty. They are about 100 - 150$ dollars but I already have that amount saved up. I am just so excited.

    Leo and I were calling around to different apartment places and we found a apartment building called NorthWood Apartments. (Actually, there are 6 buildings right next to each other). They offer a one bedroom apartment for 375$ everything included except electricity- and that would be around 25 - 30$ a month. They allow cats AND it is RIGHT across the street from the beautiful Lake Winona. I mean, literally, I could walk out my door and then walk across the street and either read a book in the grass or take a job or rollerblade around the Lake.

    I am just so excited- I hope everything works out. Leo and I are going to go tomorrow and get a tour of a room and if it works out well, we will put a deposite down and move in in May. *squeel*

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