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Colleen (colleenhann1289) wrote,
@ 2004-06-20 17:54:00
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    Current music:everytime i die- shes my rushmore

    friday- went to the walpole mall and bought a labret stud to try and shove through my lip-- didn't work. and we got shampoo&conditioner from lords and ladys. that stuff is the shit!then.. to fye and bought trustkill records cd, was only 5 bucks. ya.. and then i wanted to buy the metalfest dvd but my mom is a bitch and ran out before i gave it to her. so then we went to best buy and tried to see if they had it cuz the walpole mall was closed and they didnt but we got Now and Then dvd and My Girl 1 dvd. also got the new underoath cd. went to shaws across the street and got some food, came home and attempted to get the new labret stud in.. didn't work - watched my girl 1 until 130 and then watched ruckus fell asleep during it.

    saturday- didn't do anything all day.. jocelyn came over and we watched Now and Then and played mvp baseball on my xbox. exciting.. i know. oh yeah, cara tried to peirce my labret since i had jewlery for it.. didn't work. may try it again sometime or buy a needle?

    school tommroow? last day i don't even wanna go but if they count it as an absence im sscrewed!

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