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nicole (coleyoley) wrote,
@ 2003-06-21 21:54:00
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    Current mood:bitchy
    Current music:I miss you --Incubus

    Sucky Day
    errrr..Today has be a roller coaster 4reel..these past few months have seem that way too. its like i try to be a good friend and a good daughter and everything in between but its just not good enough and it pisses me off. I dont know.. my rents think my life is so easy but they dont know. i mean im a teenage gurl thats A LOT of stress rite there and this year is my last year of highschool and stuff and i gotta find a job and so on and they keep buggin me to do shit around the house and its just driving me nuts..its like they think all day i sit back and relax..when i dont..ugh..and i started to tlk to james again i think tuesday and like wen i heard his voice all my problems went dont know he just has sumthing about his personality..makes me'm such a dork but i love that kid..lalala...its only like the second day of vacation first day of summa and im already bored...blah..but its just the begin so its all good..i think in the middle of July for my b-dai im going to new york woop! get me out of fucking billerica for once lol..but i think im gonna go lay down and watch sum tv...Luv u all Xo peace

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