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*== Vivienne ==* (coke_coma) wrote,
@ 2003-09-16 14:23:00
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    Current mood:swallowing razors
    Current music:SPF 1000 Victim

    AlLy CaT oF dOoM, who swallows, in my sleep i think
    Im sitting here listening to Victim byt SPF 1000 and its AMAZING. I love this song. I should be at college but i rung in sick (yes i am actaully sick this time) I feel like im swallowing fucking razor blades (think i drink to much) and i cant move hy head without falling over and twating myself on something...knocking me out and wasting another day passed out on the kitchen floor...hmmm....worrying but oh well. I had a pretty damn good weekend too.

    Thursday i went to see the Rocky Horror show with Simon and there we met his friend (an actual trannie :oD) who were both dressed up in drag; with me feeling them both up throughout the WHOLE night hehehe...well i could't resist and the men on stage in drag were SO turning me on. I loved it ;o) After that we went to Schism and i met Myke (Myke_Minstar) and Mark (Uberfox) They are both so sweet and lovely. I would say more about what i think of them but they might read it and that would just be embarrasing lol. So all ill say is that they are cool people and i hope to see them both again sometime soon :o) Then on friday i went to Quarantine with Natty, Dave, Ruth, Mike and Vix etc (the usual group) and got totally shit faced and went back to Trevs and didn't sleep much (at all lol) and then went home after waiting for a train for 1hr. Seeing as how its my birthday tomorrow i plan to get completely rat arsed on friday and then sleep all day sat then go to work saturday night and sunday is SHOPPING and GARY NUMAN day!!! WOOOO FUCKING HOOO!!! :0)

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