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*== Vivienne ==* (coke_coma) wrote,
@ 2004-03-23 12:06:00
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    Current mood:Wanna go home!
    Current music:Ultrabeat - Pretty green eyes

    *== Madness ==*
    Ok, how fun is this? Im sitting in college with a group of trendies looking over at me (i think they can hear my drum and bass coming from my headphones) But...god! I hate it when people watch over me. Reminds me of my dad *shudders* Should be moving out bloody soon too thank fuck! We have to move in to the new house before the end of the month which is cool coz the sooner the bloody better. It'll be great when we move in though. Just me, mom, my brother Mike and my sister Hannah. NO DAD!!! YESSSSS!!! Fucking result! And lets face it, Hannah will be at school all the time, Mike will be out like he is ALL DAY, EVERY DAY and my mom will be at work most of the time....FREE HOUSE!!! I can do what i want, when i want without my dad hanging around having a go and putting me down the whole time! But anyway; onto something a bit better.............

    Fuck the weirdest thing happened last night. I've knowen this bloke called Thom for a bit. Ok, didn't know him....just knew of him, ya know? Anway, i got his email address of his band website and added him to my msn. I hate it when people do that to me but it's an exception coz everytime he sees me he comes over and says hi, so its ok. So i added him and we were talking and turns out he lives in Fleet. Kinda guessed anyway coz he was in town the other day and lets face it, if you live in fleet and you go upto town, the only reason youre doing that is coz you're a posh twat who wants to food shop, youre a complete pikey/trendie and youre whole life revolves around hanging outside Mc Donalds trying to look 'phat'. You're a school kid and you just wanna get out of the house (but some of them are the 'phat macy d's 'cru') Or in mine and Claire case last week you have no money and you're bored shitless. Well, i was talking to him and he asked me where i lived and i said Kings road. He was like 'Dude, i live down Guildford road' which is like right opposite my road. So before you know it he's round my house. We had such a cool time watching 'House on Haunted Hill' even though we were like taking the whole way through. It was so cool though coz we just gelled so well :o) We've agreed to share a tent at reading coz hes got no one to go with and i do but i'd rather not go in a big group coz i have this social disorder thingy where i feel left out and shit....its crap so i usually just walk off on my own. His tickets in the post, all i gotta do is order mine. He was supposed to be meeting me today but he hasnt txt back so i think il just catch him tonight.

    Last night i did something scarey but something that i think needed to be done. I finally told Jordan i liked him....after liking him for months and the amazing thing is he likes me back! :oD I kinda knew coz its obvious and Monika said he did too and shes always right about things like that. I duno what to do know though :oS ill just speak to him tonight and see what happens. I've been trying to get him to come to reading festival but he wont...damn him! I gotta admit the music isn't my thing but as long as there are drum and bass, jungle and hard house tents then ill be fine. Ah well...ill have fun with Thom...hehehe...drinking competitions hahaha...YES!! Im so gonna loose coz im a fucking lightweight but ah well.

    I also got a txt from Claire while i was in my music lesson and shes invited me away for the weekend. Just me and her at her dads house in Dorset. I think thats where he lives anyway.....nowhere to glamerous but no matter where we are Claire and i always seem to make a day out of it and just have loadsa fun!

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