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*== Vivienne ==* (coke_coma) wrote,
@ 2004-03-04 09:04:00
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    Current mood:Fucking knackered
    Current music:Apoptygma Bezerk - Assimilate

    *== movie star ==*
    Hmm its 9.05am in the morning and im at college....fuck it sucks to be me right now! Im knackered. Didn't get home from the recording studio till 10pm last night and i was just being constantly pissed off by Tom (well everybody was) thinking hes fucking perfect and ordering everyone around. I don't like being ordered around...esspecially by fucking 16 year olds so just to totally fuck him off i gave him shit back, which he totally didn't expect. It was ok by the end of the night though. Everyone decided to just be nice to they didnt speak to him hahaha....ah well! I've got lesson in 20mins and it's guaranteed i will fall to sleep in this lesson, christ i almost fel to sleep on alex last night but only coz i was monged. We did some recording then went for a spliff (which i said i'd stop but i suppose the odd 1-off is ok) and i got back in to the studio and just died!

    I gotta see Griff soon, i havent seen him for like 2 weeks, nor Gareth. I'm starting to like Griff more than just friends hes was cool girly Griff and now hes WOW Giff. Weird how your opinion of someone can change when you havent seen them for ages. Maybe it's true what they say; absence makes the heart grow fonder.......hahaha fuck that!

    Gotta work at 11am then look after the kids. They crack me up...bless them. They've totally changed my view on life. Before i started looking after them, 2 years ago i hated kids. I liked the odd 1 or 2 that i looked after but James and Jonathan are just so great! Theye 14 (James) and 11(Jon) and we have so much fun when i look after them. I want two boys when im a bit older just so i can watch them fight and place bets on who's gonna win hahaha! CLASS!

    Fuck! 15 mins till lesson and i bet no one will turn up. On Tuesday 3 people were in lesson (not including me coz i couldnt be arsed to go) Ah well! Gonna make propper use of my camera tonight....take videos and lots of pics of....ME! hahaha and my cat (obviously) Bunny wants me to film a porno. Dunno how long my video time lasts but im not doing it for him, his gf can. Fuuuuuck im bored!

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