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*== Vivienne ==* (coke_coma) wrote,
@ 2003-09-28 17:53:00
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    Current mood: pissed off
    I had a killer weekend!!! I went out on friday wth the guys and stayed over Trevs. We got back to his and i was holding his sisters hamster who did a runner behind the sofa. With his sister in panic mode thinking she'd died Tom, Trev, Ash and Ian were holding up the sofa and cutting the bottom open with a knife. We finally rescued her and everything was ok. Then on Saturday i went to Daves (my bassist) for a band rehearsal and i stayed over his. We both got trashed and...well did stuff we shouldnt but shh!!! We also agreed we wanted to be the next Bonnie and Clyde so were gonna be killing lots of usless, wate-of-space people (Nick) and breaking into the old mental institution in Brookwood (but i think we'll leave the robbing banks bit to the real Bonnie and Clyde, was a little easier in those days) We planned all this out after i had finished puking up blood in his bathroom while he was holding me in his arms begging me to live.....all so drunk and dramatic! We woke up this morning next to each other like...'OUCH! my head lol. Im now well hungover and feel like shit hahahaha. Me and Dave wrote a bit of a song today. I wrote all the lyrics and Dave and i came up with a bass line but it was mostly his work, i just suggested some drop-ins. Got another band rehearsal on Thursday and Friday and im well exited :oD

    On the down side Dave spoke to Nick (my ex) coz he was on my msn and Nick apparently was totally slagging me off and then i read the conversation and i wasnt too impressed. I thought Nick was a nice enough bloke but hes just a cunt. I really hope i never see him again and i couldnt care less if he died tomorrow (seriously) yes im bitter but i dont give a shit.....i think the world would be better without small minded people like him and he has a small cock too. I dumped him because he bored me and he was very annoyingly unopen minded. Personally i hate people like that.

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