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~* PoOoRiN RiIi *~ (coffeemilk) wrote,
@ 2004-10-14 02:03:00
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    Current mood: hyper
    Current music:Princess China Music Orchestra - Ayumi Hamasaki (SEASONS)

    I got a new job! ^o^
    This morning.. i set my alarm clock at 6am,, then snooze 3 times,, to 7am.. ^^* ... Had to wake up so early for my new EXERCISE !! newspaper delivery! hehe im a newspaper deliverer girl for once a week! *O* Putting newspapers in my local area.. only paid $20... but hope i can lose weight this way ^O^ my bro said... instead of paying $1000 to the gym membership for one year ... I get paid $1000 for exercising! ^___^ so yeah.. thats the plan..

    I kinda survived the morning.. walk walk walk .. quite tiring, my bro was helping me ^O^ but he said he wont help me next week @@ ...... -.-" i finished at 8.30am,, then get back ZZZZZZZZZ straightaway ...... i dreamt that one oz fren of mine,, actually can speak chinese,, so weird,, LoL ... @.@ then my mum woke me up, it was 10am, got phone call. "gee from who, mum?"

    "From Hungry Jacks" .. i was like.. what? hmmm.. thats right, i filled up the application form few weeks go.. tried my best not to sound sleepy, "hello?" , "can you come for interview TODAY at 2pm?" - i was like "Sure sure I can (gulp)* - ok see you then!" hang up.. then ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzz ..

    ...... til 1pm .. woah @.@

    Run run to hungry jacks... got two managers interviewing... then at the end, suddenly "Congratulations! You got the job!" ---- yipeee so happy ^O^ totally unexpected !! I was actually in the middle of applying for office works and stuff.. but this is the one that I got, so be it ^_~ " temporary or not, let see how it goes, maybe eventually I can be the manager? thats the plan too... all the stuff I do now... plus $17-18 per hour of work during university life? tts good~ ^^*

    so yeah thats the story, im starting on friday ....... =)

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