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Shea (codepinkxx) wrote,
@ 2004-04-01 17:18:00
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    Current mood:busy
    Current music:Clay Aiken

    Bad April Fools Day.
    Samantha - best friend from school; in my class; BADDDDDD girl
    Maly - sweet girl; samantha turning her into a bad girl; has a boyfriend
    Johnny - annoying; in my class; stupid
    Chris - cool; smart; funny
    Mya - sister; 3; brat; dummy; likes to talk about someone named Donny (real name Ajani, her classmate)

    Those are most of the people I will be mentioning.

    So anyway, today was a day from HELL! It's the worst April Fools Day EVER. Math was fine, we had to enlarge images with a rubberband. My second math class wasn't the best, my primary teacher, Mrs. Murphy kept explaining as usual. She gives me headaches .. why does she come? No one likes her anyway! Well... Social Studies was boring as usual. That teacher really likes to talk! Johnny kept bothering me during the class to saying how he beat me in this game called Gunbound. He's so immature for his age. Then came Science. I HATE SCIENCE, I TELL YOU I HATE IT! All the people in my class are BAD, they run around, don't shut up, they go the whole nine yards! AND we had to copy 3 pages out of the book which I hate, I really do because we ALWAYS do this. It's everyday. That's how bad my class is! AND THEN, there was indoor recess. This is the worst part. Samantha just HAD to do it again. She was running around after boys as usual until the teacher sees her and yells at her and I mean, YELLS! And thanks to her, we all got yelled at, we had to waste the rest of our recess silent AND we couldn't go to lunch until 5 minutes to 1:00 which only gave us 3 minutes to eat lunch. Thanks alot Samantha!!! But as far as I see it, the day is going by really fast and I've been playing jokes on Mya, my dad and mom all day. OK, bye.

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