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re bek a (coastalxlove) wrote,
@ 2004-02-19 17:46:00
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    Current mood: recumbent
    Current music:DROPKICK MURPHYS

    raiseee a glass to broken hearts, blurred vision
    'We cant wow you with our people skills.We make enemies not friends.Your name again?'

    i went to boston today. yea it was good. lis came too with ethan. we went to this ceremony for iwo jima day but we couldnt hear a thing. then we went out to lunch.

    hear. its weird to read peoples away messages. nah. old best friends. theyre like "whoa why is it so freakin cold in hear." and you realize they cant use correct usage. its idiotic but you wonder if you ever really knew each other. orr did they ever know jackshit. not just about easter stick ons but you. they were always different and they were always a little off. a strong cup of tea and thats why the aunt didnt like her. no, not didnt like her, couldnt stand her. shed roll her eyes. like apostrophies which suck ass anyway. but shed flip like that. curve like that. a little black sanity ready to kick contractions asses. not like that naked tree hugger that made the front page. no this was compitency. yeah, at its utmost ledge, but still. you grew up with this girl and youll love her forever because you went through hell with each other. shes weird and shes crazy and shes completly completly...yea theres just no way you could ever forget her. cause you remember running thru the rain with her and dancing like a chooch with her in the front lawn. it was a show. but now she actually has other friends. whoa. no like you know. who can drive.

    they drink and smoke too.

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