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CMizzle (cmizzle) wrote,
@ 2003-09-07 19:46:00
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    Current mood: devious
    Current music:Barry White - R.I.P

    Boardman game...
    Okay readers lets go back two days...

    Okay I went to school on Friday...what a waste!!! I am gonna be the next american idol...Idols don't need school you know. So after I took like 84 test i came home and got ready for dinner with gramps...we ate at that MVR...I wanted to eat at the Outback...I don't know why...I like Austraila I guess (they call it 'down under') after that mother took me to the Boardman game...I meet liv alx danielle cassie and maggie there. We saw those nasty boys in my grade (ewwwww) and then we saw these Boardman guys...among them was none other than A.D....Adam DiEbio. We all talked awhile and then he poped the question..."Danielle...Will you go out with me?" she deffinatley said yes. I was deffinatlet happy...full of joy...than more joy came...ha ha ha #84....ha so then we talked for some time and then i found #89 no wait 98 yeah! hes mean...kyles HOTTTTTT!! after that some stuff happened (i forget its been like 2 days) and mommy dear picked me up.

    Yesterday i was awoken at 8:30 am by the mother...i had to get a then i went to DR. Franks office...those nurses gave me a shoot...ugh! then we picked up alyvia at the allegretto residance...then mother dropped us off at patricks house...we made some awesome posters!!! you go detailman! so after that mom took us to wendys...yummm...and then home...then kids came over for my day of was funnn....we had the ugliest cake of all had a big dinosaur/alligator on it...don't ask me why i pickes it out...ask allegretto.... soo cassie stayed at our home. her mother and father were out of town :( was fun....we went shopping this morning and then to her game her and maggie did sweeet!

    well cmizzle is out
    Don't be WAK vote for PAK
    ^ getting my ghetto talk on ^ (its not really ghetto)
    *God bless penny*

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