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CMizzle (cmizzle) wrote,
@ 2003-08-15 22:30:00
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    Current mood: bored
    Current music:none- I am watching the Cheetah Girls!

    my 'Jam packed' day
    Hello readers! This is CMizzle!! Today was rather 'jam packed' as some would say. First I was awoken to The Lizzie McQuire movie, (yes, for the second day in a row) by my lovely sister. For those of you have not seen The Lizzie MqCuire movie i would suggest for you to see it...not because Lizzie becomes a Roman 'pop sensation' but because Lizzie's Ma has a new do. I was however, disappionted that Lanny, ( the young quiet boy) was not in the movie. After the movie was over I was called by none other than Alyssa Moody.

    She told me to meet her for lunch at Tippi. I arrived at Tippi and the whole LaRubbio clan was there (yay!) and so were those Trebilcocks and Alyssa decided that she wanted to swim (joy!). At that I recieved news from Alyssa that we were gonna swim. I had no bathing suit! I had to venture home to get it. When I got back we ate lunch, which was delightful, and then Alyssa left for cheerleading leaving me withe the Trebilcocks and Sam. We had an interesting discussion about Deanie Weanie the Farting Machiny ( named by the Sheetz) and then I left.

    At 5:20 I left for Nicks party. I was greeted by Nickolas, Adam , and Mrs. F. I gave him his card while the other guest came. Greg and David came together which was funny cuz they changed from school. David- I'm not crazy about the hair. Greg- I like your style! The guest of honor, Gab- Alex-Ria, came with the fam and bowled the night away while Alex Thomas and I saved the mayor form the flames of death. Then my mother came and Cassie and I left the party. Now here I am writting in my blurtness.

    Buh Bye my dear readers!

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