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stella (cloneme) wrote,
@ 2005-01-10 15:39:00
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    Current mood: tired

    antidepressants, dreams, and long lunch lines....

    • It’s amazing what antidepressants can do. I've been struggling with depression ever since ive moved here, but just after a week of taking them, i can feel a difference and i've been feeling more confident. I had a good day at school today too..... before i was kind of unsure weather or not tina and erin were best friend potential or if they were just friends, but now i know their my best friends. I'm going to miss them when i move. hahah dj was in a really good mood after school today... i've never seen him joke around like that before but he has a really funny sense of humor. I'm becoming good friends with albino james too... which is cool cause he soooo reminds me of some old friends back in england.... its wired.

    • I had such a long, crazy, scary dream last night.... im not even done typing it up on microsoft and its over a page. I have crazy dreams. And a couple of nights ago, i had the most vivid dream EVER. I can't really remember the story line.... but when i think of it, it’s like im watching a tripped out sci-fi in my head. it was way crazy wow wired.

    • anyway..... i've felt kind of spaced out for the most part of the day. i think i want to stop eating meat too.... and become a vegetarian.... but its hard to do when the only thing the school serves for lunch is meat. they used to serve salads too.... but for some reason.... about a week ago.... they closed the salad bar. now all the other lines for food have gotten longer.... and today me tina and erin were waiting in line for like half of the lunch period. by the time we got our food, guitar james left the table. i was wondering why he's been really quiet lately and its because he has a way nasty cold or something. his voice is raspy and you can barely hear him now. This week is the last week until the end of the semester.... and im stressing over my grades.... can't wait till this is all over....

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