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stella (cloneme) wrote,
@ 2005-01-31 18:32:00
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    Current mood: hopeful
    Current music:interpol

    im pro peace!!!!
    well.... i haven't got on in a long time. well sorry if you care. or if you're even reading this. if i'm reading this then hello! well..... today was a bad bad day. it was a really bad day. it was a devastatingly bad day. i switched anti depressants last tuesday or wendsday. i went from prozac to effxor or whatever. it made me feel reaaaaallllllllyyyyy wired the first day or so. i felt too happy.... or like i haven't felt that happy in a long time. it was reallllllyyy wired. im still trying to sort out things in my head. lots of things. but i guess thats just part of growing up. at least i hope i won't have problems like this when im older. i sooooooo want to be an artist. i want to make the world a happier, more beautiful place. i want to be happier and more beautiful too. i want everyone and everything to be happy and beautiful and nice and sensitive and compassionate. i pray god will come and make the world a peaceful place one day.... and that the world wont blow up or die in our own destruction. anger and war makes me sick and sad. :'( why can't there be more smart and peace loving people in this world? and why is it that people who take control always get greedy and start wars? i think we should invent a peace pill that will make people more peaceful and understanding. that would be great. and everyone could take one. well that could actually cause problems but the point is we need to do something quick. anything. everyone needs to help make this world a wonderful healthy and beautiful place to live. im pro peace!!! live strong love strong! and never give up hope.

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